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LMX2594: How do determine channel divider value when use VCO as RFout?

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Part Number: LMX2594

As you can see, RFoutA is VCO and RFoutB is SYSREF.

When I want to change channel divider value to 768, there is an error message whicn show that channel divider value can not be above 256.

From the datesheet, I know that there are limitations on the channel divider values in table 8.

But FVCO <= 11.5GHz, so channel divider value can be up to 768.

What's wrong?

Another question.

The CHDIV used in Phase Adjust calculation is the channel divider in my pciture even the channel divider is not used in output path(RFoutA is VCO)?

Phase shift in degrees = 360 × ( MASH_SEED / PLL_DEN) × ( IncludedDivide / CHDIV )