LMK04033BEVAL: USB2ANY uWire communication issues

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Part Number: LMK04033BEVAL

We have had two USB2Any converter boxes quit working connected to the LMK04033BEVAL. The hookup is using the micro wire interface, They don’t seem to work on the LMK4033 side of the communication link.

We haven't seen any shorts to GND or other voltages during testing, so we aren't sure what else to test. Are there any recommended steps to help us debug this?


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  • Hi Nicholas,

    First, you said that you are using the micro wire interface. To clarify, does that mean you're using the USB2ANY-uWIRE bridge adapter? Or are you directly connecting the USB2ANY to the EVM uWIRE header? uWIRE and USB2ANY have different pinouts, so unless you're using the USB2ANY-uWIRE bridge adapter and correctly setting the jumpers on the board to match the required LMK04033 configuration, you could be routing things like the USB2ANY ground pin to the wrong locations, which might cause damage to the USB2ANY.

    Do you know if the USB2ANY is still functioning? You could check for active signals on the pins by attempting some register write with the USB2ANY disconnected from the EVM.

    For my reference, what are you using the LMK04033 for? LMK04033 is one of our older PLLs, so we don't see it much today except for legacy support.


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments

  • In reply to Derek Payne:

    They are using the USB2ANY-uwire bridge. The USB2Any appears to be operational.

    Are there other debug steps we could investigate? On the software side, is there any compatibility issues running this on Windows 10?


  • In reply to Nicholas Carley:

    Hello Nick,

    There shouldn't be an issue with running on Windows 10.

    Can you confirm the USB2ANY-uWIRE bridge board settings they are using? I'm attaching a screenshot from the TICSPro GUI for the LMK04033B.



  • In reply to Vibhu Vanjari:

    Hello Vibhu,

    I can confirm I used the setting in the latest document I have.

    You see my boxes have been communicating. The deal is they stop for no apparent reason.  After that they are dead for talking with the chip, they still communicate with the host computer program.