LMX2820: Integer boundary Spurious data

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Part Number: LMX2820


Integer boundary spur frequency & its level not mentioned in datasheet, Can you please tell exactly what are all the spurs will arise & its level with respect to the carrier (particularly any KHz spur).

In simulation I saw Phase detector frequency spurs & its level, but i need data for integer boundary spurs in KHz offset.

Output frequency: 9 to 14.7GHz

Input Reference frequency: 100MHz

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  • Hello Pathamuthu,

    PLLATINUMSIM-SW will give you the level of the integer boundary spurs as well. Using the tool is the best way to check for spurs. You will need to check for each output frequency separately as the levels will change between 9 GHz and 14.7 GHz. Another thing to note is that currently pre-production LMX2820 samples are available, we are testing final silicon and the spur simulations will be updated in the next month or two.

    If you have a particular frequency you would like our help simulating we can help with that. Please let us know.