LMX2615-SP: Signal Integrity Models

Part Number: LMX2615-SP

The only signal integrity model we can find for the LMX2615-SP is an IBIS model with lumped R_pkg, L_pkg, C_pkg.

We have found this type of package model to be inadequate for high frequency and fast rise/fall time signals.

In our application the LMX2615-SP outputs will be running at ~3GHz, consequently we need a better package model for the LMX2615-SP.

Is there an S-Parameter package model available for the LMX2615-SP?

Also, we’ve found HSpice models to be more accurate than IBIS models for simulating device drivers and receivers at high frequencies, is an HSpice model available for the LMX2615-SP drivers and receivers?  Please advise If HSpice is not available but a Spectre model is, and we’ll try to use the Spectre model.

Thank You,