LMX2820: SPI interface and register configuration

Part Number: LMX2820
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Hi team,

My customer is testing LMX2820 and have questions about SPI and register configuration.

  1. They find SPI parameter in Timing requirements, 6.6 of the data, but there is no timing diagram and instruction description, such as writing and reading. Is there a description document about SPI or which device can I refer to?
  2. The LMX2820 has many registers, and the configuration process on the EVM cannot be exported. Is there any driver code or related documents for register configuration to refer?

Thanks and best regards,


  • Hi Colin,

    1. you can refer to LMX2594 datasheet, we use the same SPI timing.

    2. we don't have any software driver code. you can refer to below link on how we did in TICS Pro.

    C:\ProgramData\Texas Instruments\TICS Pro\Configurations\Devices\PLL + VCO\LMX2820