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CDCI6214: CDCI6214 configuration output waveforms amplitude on Y1 to Y4 output pins is not correct

Part Number: CDCI6214
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , TICSPRO-SW


Input Ref on XIN:   

1) crystal , on CDCI6214EVM 

2) LVCOMS (VDDCO=VDDREF= +3.3V),  on prototype board

Output clock configuration requirements: 

Y0: 25MHz, 

Y1:  LVDS, 100MHz, +1.8V

Y2:  LVCMOS, P+N+, 100MHz, +1.8V

Y3:  LVCMOS, P+N+, 125MHz, +1.8V

Y1:  LVDS, 100MHz, +1.8V

TICS Pro version: v1.7.5.7

I tried the related configurations below: 

chX_1p8vdet --1  (1.8V)

Address 3Bh, (bit 12-11) chx_lvds_cmtrim_inc = 2
Address 3Bh, (bit 4) chx_lvcmos_drv --1 (Fast)
Address 3Bh, (bit 2, bit1) CH0_LVCMOS_DRV=fast mode(3h)=normal mode(28ohm)

Address 1Bh,
bit 14: ip_byp_en_ch3 = 1
bit 13: ip_byp_en_ch3 = 1
bit 12: ip_byp_en_ch2 = 1
bit 11: ip_byp_en_ch1 = 1

The Register Commit flow was used by me. 

Unfortunately, except for correct output 25MHz waveform on Y0 pin is correct (both amplitude and frequency) ,   I still can't get the desired correct clock  waveforms on output Y1 to Y4 pins.  After AC-couple was set on my Oscilloscope to measure these output waveforms ,  the related output frequencies look right (meet the desired setting values) .  The output LVCMOS clocks' amplitude  are not right and the output clock wings of LVDS are not right.  

Maybe I missed some critical configuration in somewhere. Would you help check it and give me the correct configuration values?

Best Regards, 

Aaron Sun

The related configurations and measured waveforms attached. 

R70	0x00460000
R69	0x00450000
R68	0x00440000
R67	0x00430020
R66	0x00420200
R65	0x00410F34
R64	0x0040000D
R63	0x003F0210
R62	0x003E4209
R61	0x003D1500
R60	0x003C0018
R59	0x003B103F
R58	0x003A0008
R57	0x00390A65
R56	0x00380405
R55	0x00370005
R54	0x00360000
R53	0x00358000
R52	0x00340008
R51	0x00330A65
R50	0x00320415
R49	0x00310004
R48	0x00300000
R47	0x002F8000
R46	0x002E0008
R45	0x002D0A65
R44	0x002C0415
R43	0x002B0005
R42	0x002A0000
R41	0x00298000
R40	0x00280008
R39	0x00270A65
R38	0x00260405
R37	0x00250005
R36	0x00240000
R35	0x00238000
R34	0x00220050
R33	0x00210007
R32	0x00200000
R31	0x001F1E72
R30	0x001E5141
R29	0x001D400A
R28	0x001C0000
R27	0x001B7C00
R26	0x001A0718
R25	0x00190000
R24	0x00180601
R23	0x00170000
R22	0x00160000
R21	0x00150000
R20	0x00140000
R19	0x00130000
R18	0x00120000
R17	0x001126C4
R16	0x0010921F
R15	0x000FA037
R14	0x000E0000
R13	0x000D0000
R12	0x000C0000
R11	0x000B0000
R10	0x000A0000
R9	0x00090000
R8	0x00080000
R7	0x00070C0F
R6	0x00060000
R5	0x00050028
R4	0x00040055
R3	0x00030780
R2	0x00020053
R1	0x00016822
R0	0x00001000