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CDCE813-Q1: vs CDCE913

Part Number: CDCE813-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CDCE913, CDCE913-Q1

Hi Team,

I’m looking at the CDCE813 and CDCE913 do you have a document with the topline comparison table between these two parts/familes?

They appear to be the exact same part. I am considering using these parts and trying to understand the tradeoffs.



  • Hi Connor,

    Fundamentally the CDCE813 and CDCE913 device families are almost identical. The main difference is that the 813 is by default configured to use a LVCMOS input and run it through the PLL, and the 913 is by default configured to use a crystal input and bypass the PLL. If the customer intends to program their devices' EEPROM through I2C, then they are practically interchangeable. If not, they should pick based on which default configuration fits their needs.

    I want to note that the "-Q1" suffix indicates automotive qualification, so the CDC813-Q1 has an expanded temperature range compared to the basic CDCE913. But there is also an automotive qualified version of the 913 in the form of the CDCE913-Q1.

    I also noticed when looking through the datasheets that the CDCE813 apparently has a minimum VCO frequency of 70 MHz, while CDCE913 has minimum VCO frequency of 80 MHz. This is unusual to me because they are supposed to use the same die, but I don't currently have a method of verifying if this difference actually exists. The datasheets agree on the output characteristics so I am still confident that the two families operate the same way.


    Evan Su