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LMX2594EVM: Readback during calibration

Part Number: LMX2594EVM

Hello team,

I want to readback from MUXOUT pin, during the calibration of VCO.

I am using TICS Pro, and I have set MUXOUT_LD_SEL = Readback, and set FCAL_EN = 1.

I have changed the RFout frequency on GUI, while measureing MUXOUT pin, but nothing on the osilloscope.

(I am able to see data traveling, when I click read all register on the Raw Register Map)

I am not sure how to trigger VCO calibration manually. (Should I change the RFout frequency on the TICS pro?)

Best Regards,

Kei Kuwahara

  • Hi Kuwahara-san,

    Can you read back any register value?

    To trigger a VCO calibration, we need to program R0 with FCAL_EN=1.

  • Hi Noel-san,

    Here is the register map below. Could you check if any value is wrong?

    R112	0x7001FF
    R111	0x6F002A
    R110	0x6E0648
    R109	0x6D9D7D
    R108	0x6C00F2
    R107	0x6B8801
    R106	0x6A0004
    R105	0x699C61
    R104	0x680000
    R103	0x670000
    R102	0x663F80
    R101	0x650011
    R100	0x640000
    R99	0x630000
    R98	0x620200
    R97	0x610888
    R96	0x600000
    R95	0x5F0000
    R94	0x5E0000
    R93	0x5D0000
    R92	0x5C0000
    R91	0x5B0000
    R90	0x5A0000
    R89	0x590000
    R88	0x580000
    R87	0x570000
    R86	0x560000
    R85	0x55E900
    R84	0x540001
    R83	0x530000
    R82	0x523400
    R81	0x510000
    R80	0x506666
    R79	0x4F0016
    R78	0x4E0003
    R77	0x4D0000
    R76	0x4C000C
    R75	0x4B0A00
    R74	0x4A0000
    R73	0x49003F
    R72	0x480001
    R71	0x470081
    R70	0x46C350
    R69	0x450000
    R68	0x4403E8
    R67	0x430000
    R66	0x4201F4
    R65	0x410000
    R64	0x401388
    R63	0x3F0000
    R62	0x3E0322
    R61	0x3D00A8
    R60	0x3C0000
    R59	0x3B0001
    R58	0x3A9001
    R57	0x390020
    R56	0x380000
    R55	0x370000
    R54	0x360000
    R53	0x350000
    R52	0x340820
    R51	0x330080
    R50	0x320000
    R49	0x314180
    R48	0x300300
    R47	0x2F0300
    R46	0x2E07FC
    R45	0x2DC0DF
    R44	0x2C1FA3
    R43	0x2B0000
    R42	0x2A0000
    R41	0x290000
    R40	0x280000
    R39	0x27FFFF
    R38	0x26FFFF
    R37	0x250304
    R36	0x240030
    R35	0x230004
    R34	0x220000
    R33	0x211E21
    R32	0x200393
    R31	0x1F43EC
    R30	0x1E318C
    R29	0x1D318C
    R28	0x1C0488
    R27	0x1B0002
    R26	0x1A0DB0
    R25	0x190C2B
    R24	0x18071A
    R23	0x17007C
    R22	0x160001
    R21	0x150401
    R20	0x14E048
    R19	0x1327B7
    R18	0x120064
    R17	0x11012C
    R16	0x100080
    R15	0x0F064F
    R14	0x0E1E70
    R13	0x0D4000
    R12	0x0C5001
    R11	0x0B0018
    R10	0x0A10D8
    R9	0x091604
    R8	0x082000
    R7	0x0740B2
    R6	0x06C802
    R5	0x0500C8
    R4	0x040A43
    R3	0x030642
    R2	0x020500
    R1	0x010808
    R0	0x002518

    Also, I have clicked FCAL_EN to calibrate the VCO. It works, but I don't read any readback signal from MUXOUT pin.

    Is there any setting, which outputs readback value during the calibration?

    Best Regards,

    Kei Kuwahara

  • Hi Kuwahara-san,

    You have set MUXOUT_LD_SEL to "readback", you should be able to read back register with TICS Pro and EVM.

    To read back, go to Raw Registers page.

    You should get something in below: