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CDCI6214EVM: Programming register config into EEPROM

Part Number: CDCI6214EVM

I have a register configuration which i want to program into the EEPROM so that it would be automatically bought up to the device on power-up. I am using the TICS pro software to first program the register config to EEPROM.

In the log i can see that the correct register content is being transffered.

But when i try to dump this register dump into a file using the DIrect EEPROM Access 

The log shows that only register R11 is getting programmed. Even though in the file i can see all registers being present. But the file does'nt have the correct configuration because i am not able to map the file with the register dump.When i now try to do a power cycle, the device goes to the deafult state(all clock outputs as 25MHz) rather than getting programmed to the configuration in the EEPROM. Hence i think that EEPROM is not getting correctly written.

What could be going wrong?

  • Hello,

    The clock gen team has been out of office. Please expect a delay in response and thank you for your patience.

  • Pratik,

    Did you power cycle the device after "Register to EEPROM" and before "Read EEPROM to file"? Without a proper power cycle, this may have messed up the EEPROM programming process. Trying reprogramming to the EEPROM but power cycling immediately afterwards. Does the device behave as expected? Does reading from the EEPROM now have the correct results?



  • Hey Cris,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested by immidealtely power cycling the device, after "Register to EEPROM", and then trying to "read the EEPROM to file". The registers are still different. So when i power cycle the device after writing the registers to EEPROM, and try to read back all the registers, it seems that the registers go back to some default state.

    Before powercycle, i.e. BEFORE "register to EEPROM"

    After "register to EEPROM" and before powercycle -> no change.

    After powercycling i.e. clicking on the DUT power button on the GUI,

    With this it seems like the EEPROM write is not happening properly.

  • Pratik,

    Our TICS Pro expert will be back tomorrow. He will be able to provide greater insight.



  • Pratik,

    Reading the EEPROM file writes to R11 in order to communicate to the device that the registers are to be read, so that part from your original question makes sense.

    You are writing to EEPROM page 0, correct? Is your EVM configured to read that page upon startup? You can try writing to both pages and see if your device powers on with the correct config.

    Additionally, would you mind sending the config that you are trying to program to your device? .tcs or registers values are fine.