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I am trying to figure out what it needs to get a clock source that's controlled via USB. I was looking at the LMK03806BEVAL/NOPB LMK03806 - Timing, Clock Generator Evaluation Board and it seems the eval board does not include USB2ANY - uWire interface do i have to buy this separately?
Can I load the configuration once its created using the codeLoader and every time it gets powered up does that configuration gets stored in a non-volatile memory so it will generate the same frequency output every single time? In other words does it have an EPROM to store configuration?

  • Hello,
    The LMK03806 does not have EEPROM, perhaps you may consider the LMK03318?

  • Thanks Tim for your response, I need something in the 2.125 GHz output the LMK03318 seems to have a max frequency of 1 GHz is there anything similar at my data rate? Going back to my original question can't the LMK3806 Eval board store configurations via CodeLoader that is restored during power-up? The LMK03806BEVAL/NOPB LMK03806 - Timing, Clock Generator Evaluation Board seems to not include USB2ANY - uWire interface do I need to purchase this separately if I go this route? At any rate please feel free to call me at 760-936-8004 Pacific Standard time.

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    Alberto Gruenberg
    Sr. Test Engineer, Ultracomm Inc.
  • Hello Alberto,

    I'm afraid at this time I don't have a 2.125 GHz solution with EEPROM. Note, the LMK03806 won't produce 2.125 GHz either as it's VCO tuning range is from 2370 to 2600 MHz. We have an LMK61E2 which is a full oscillator replacement, but only goes to 1 GHz. I might suggest referring to the app note on the CDCM6208 product folder which uses a small, low cost MSP430 to program a clocking device.

    You can also use the Clock Architect tool ( to enter your needed frequency plan and have parts recommended. An MSP430 type approach could be used with any of our devices to utilize the NVM memory of a MCU to program a clocking part. You can find app note about this in the CDCM6208 product folder page, this app note is specific to the CDCM6208, but could be used with any of our devices with slight modification.
    Under Technical Documents, the app note:
    Under Tools/Software, the code:

  • Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for the advice and I have evaluate them carefully, because of the current situation and based on your advice I have decided to use a lower frequency approach and is now considering the LMK03318EVM you recommended. Based on the test I need to do I may be able to hack it with a 1 GHz signal. What I love about this device is during a cycle power the device can come up without having to reprogram it because it has an internal EEPROM so maybe we should focus on this device moving forward and provide me app notes focused on this instead.

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  • Great,

    You can find all the info we have for LMK03318 on it's product folder page.  Please see under technical documents for app notes.

    Note, depending on how many outputs you need, LMK62E2 can provide you a clock without program (EEPROM) and without a reference.