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I have just got my new CDC Programming EVM in order to program a CDCE913. I have severe problems in installing the software in a proper way. In the User Manual is said that there shall be an accompanying CD. There is no CD in the package.

The manual suggest those steps:

1. Connect the EVM with the PC with a 2.0 USB cable.    OK so far.

2. Install the driver software using the provided CD-ROM.    No CD or drivers found

3. The EVM is now running and completely powered through USB. The LED’s D2 (3.3 V) and D3 (1.8 V) 

indicate the availability of the supply voltages.     CHECK..

4. I used the ClockPro for program.

5. My operate system is Win7 Pro.

6. only show the disconnect (dark green )


7.some time could show like this ,but can not progam ,the program button always grey.

Could some one help me to solve this problem?



  • Hi Fei,

    Your setup looks completely correct.

    The programming EVM can only be found with the ClockPro Programmer and cannot be connected to the main ClockPro program (that can only be used with the normal EVM).

    -To program the device, first create a configuration with main ClockPro program and save it as a .ISF configuration file.
    -Then, open the ClockPro Programmer and find the board (step 7 above).
    -Then, go to File > Load File > ISF File and select your .ISF configuration file. The program button will now no longer be gray and you can click it to program the EEPROM of the device in the CDCEL9XXPROGEVM.

  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your information.
    Right now ,I try to program the 913.But there are two button for the program on the TI ClockPro Programmer .
    one is Program ,other is EEPROM =.
    So please tell me which one is right button if I can program repeatedly.But I also want the setting is saved in the EEPROM,so next time I just power on,so it can work.


  • Hi Fei,

    The 'Program' button programs the EEPROM so next time it is powered on, it will work with the new settings. When this button is pressed, the device EEPROM is first programmed and the 'Programming Successful' light will turn on, then the program will double-check the EEPROM and the 'Check Successful' light will turn on.

    The 'EEPROM=' button is used to compare the current device EEPROM with the .isf configuration file loaded. If they are the same, the 'Check Successful' light will light up after pressing this button.

  • Hi Tim,

    The program maybe right ,but when I remove the chip from PCB and put into EVM again .I can not re-program the chip.
    That mean the chip is broken or what ?How can I make sure the chip is still good for use.
    By the way,when chip is on the PCB ,I measured the Pin 6 voltage that is about 0.7V?
    Waiting for your reply!
    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Fei,

    Can you verify that the jumpers on the EVM are correct? For CDCE913, the jumpers should be set as follows:

    J1: No connection

    J2: 1.8V

    J3: 3.3V

    J4: 3.3V

    J5: Set to upper 2 pins (Silkscreen on EVM V1.1 has an error, it says CDCEx06 on the top two pins, but it should say CDCE(L)9xx).

    Also, ensure that the pins of the device are making contact with the pins of the socket. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the EVM and see if that solves the issue.