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CDCI6214EVM: Getting write errors whenever I try a program CDCI6214EVM using TCIS-Pro SW

Part Number: CDCI6214EVM


I'm getting similar errors and the i2c scan cannot find any device. 

I followed the User's Guide steps, and it is not clear what I could have missed. 

What was the solution for this previously reported issue?



  • Hi Rafael,

    In that other thread the customer was using an earlier version of the EVM that did not match the board described in the User's Guide. Does this appear to be the case for your board as well?

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Lane,

    It seems like it matches the board. I used this workaround from the guidelines to get it working. 

    The EEPROM of the unit may contain a configuration which
    disables the serial interface and instead uses the pins as
    output enable pins. Does the unit start reacting when you set
    EEPROMSEL to GND or VDDREF, followed by a powercycle with RESETN at VDDREF level? REFSEL must always
    be tied to GND when doing this.
    When the unit does not react, both EEPROM pages seem to
    have disabled the interface. Enter Fallback-Mode to force the
    serial interface active. Remove any shunts from J19 and J22
    and configure the pins in TICS Pro to Hi-Z state. When you
    do not use the software, disconnect the level shifters by
    removing R174 and R190. This leaves EEPROMSEL and
    REFSEL pin floating. Power-cycle the unit and ensure that
    RESETN/SYNC pin (J16) sees a VDDREF level. Either by
    using TICS Pro to drive the level or using a shunt on J16-2-3.
    You should see that the device responds on slave address

    It seems like both EEPROM pages have disabled the interface. What is the best way to fix this on the board? Should I enabled the i2c in the eeprom?



  • Hi Rafael,

    If you are booting up from an EEPROM config that has the interface disabled then that explains why I2C is not working. Yes, the best way to fix this is to enable I2C in EEPROM.

    Kind regards,