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LMK04906BEVAL: Trouble getting started

Part Number: LMK04906BEVAL
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: USB2ANY-UWIRE, USB2ANY

Hello -

I am having trouble getting started with the LMK04906BEVAL board.  On page 6 of the manual is a very nice procedure to get the board up and running. I am using a BK Precision 1760A supply to provide 5V to the VCC SMA and an HP 4648C Signal Generator to provide the 125MHz sine wave into the FBCLKin*/CLKin1* SMA.  I have confirmed I am getting both 3.3V at the chip and the 125MHz after C16.  I have directly connected the USB2ANY-UWIRE (HPA665) device, with the latest firmware on it, to the UWIRE header on the evaluation board.  I have tried programming the device repeatedly with the default setting (125MHz CLK1 in, 25 MHz VCXO) and have been unsuccessful at getting the lock status LED to light up. I've tried using the Codeloader4 software and the TCIS Pro software on two different PCs, one running Win10 the other Win7).

I have begun probing the CLKinX_IND test points to see which clock is getting selected, and, after configuring the default settings from above, the readings are as follows 0V, 1.3V, and 2.2V for CLIKin0 - CLIKin2 respectively.  I've also probed the vias off of the UWIRE header for CLKSel1 and CLKSel0 which read 3V, 0V, respectively.  According to the board's manual, that means it is selecting CLKin2, which is consistent with the test point readings... I've tried to change those settings using the TCIS Pro software, but I am always getting some value on CLKSel1.

I should also mention that the manual has an Appendix I where it lists two options for connecting to the board.  Option 2 is for the USB2ANY device and it shows a small jumper board in line with the connection.  Nowhere else in the manual does it mention this board but it comes up again on the TCIS Pro software under the 'USB Communications/Interface.' I've received email correspondence that this board is not needed... Can this be confirmed?

The only indicator I've seen that it's alive is the Holdoff LED has turned one twice... and only ever after a hard reset... So I could really use some help.  I am sure I am doing something wrong and I hope it is something obvious.

Best Regards,


  • Hi Matthew,

    Do you have (1) the USB2ANY box (HPA665) (2)USB2ANY-uWIRE interface board (SV600857) and (3)two ribbon cables?
    If you have all of the above, then you should be able to program the EVM with a PC having Win7 or above using the configuration as shown in Option2. Please use TICS Pro to program the EVM.
  • I do not have item (2) and only one ribbon cable. How can I get the USB2ANY-uWIRE interface board (SV600857) and the additional ribbon cable?

    Thank you for for confirming that that is the issue, as that was my initial thought. I was thrown off by the an email from a TI representative stating otherwise. Also, if this interface board is needed, the manual really should be updated to reflect that.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Matthew,

    We are working on to see if we can ship the interface board as well as a ribbon cable to you.
    I will let you know once I get confirmation. Stay tuned.
  • Hello,

    This can go out early next week.
    Note this is just a remapping of the interface signals, there are no electronics on this board.

    I appreciate your feedback, perhaps if we update the user manual to document the connections it will be easier for user to apply the correct connections with only a few jumper wires directly from USB2ANY without using ribbon cable or interface board.
  • Thank you, Gentlemen, for the help.