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LMK61E0MEVM: 100MHz generation

Part Number: LMK61E0MEVM
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Hi Team,

Customer met PLL programming error issue that want to verify with our EVM.

Can any expert please provide me a list of necessary I2C commands to program PLL and write EEPROM of LMK61E0M to generate 100MHz?

Many thanks!


  • HI Andrew,

    The LMK61E0M GUI in TICS Pro can be used to generate the commands. Attached is the configuration as a TICS Pro file and hex registers file.LMK61E0M 100M.tcs

    LMK61E0M 100M.txt
    R0	0x0010
    R1	0x010B
    R2	0x0200
    R8	0x08B0
    R9	0x0901
    R16	0x1000
    R17	0x1180
    R20	0x1400
    R21	0x1511
    R22	0x1600
    R23	0x170B
    R24	0x1810
    R25	0x1900
    R26	0x1A30
    R27	0x1B00
    R28	0x1C00
    R29	0x1D00
    R30	0x1E00
    R31	0x1F00
    R32	0x2001
    R33	0x210C
    R34	0x2228
    R35	0x2303
    R36	0x2404
    R37	0x2500
    R38	0x2600
    R39	0x2700
    R47	0x2F00
    R48	0x3000
    R49	0x3110
    R50	0x3200
    R51	0x3300
    R52	0x3400
    R53	0x3500
    R56	0x3800
    R72	0x4802

    Kind regards,