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LMK04828: Refer to TIDA-010122 I use a FT4232H, but the HSDC or TICS Pro can't recoginized the device to program

Part Number: LMK04828
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-010122, , LMX2594

I design a board refer to TIDA-010122 (almost same as it , the difference is I use another two DACs by replacing the ADCs). When I open TICS Pro or HSDC, they won't recoginized FTDI device, but the FTDI_Prog can recoginize the FTDI device. 

Then I changed the EEPROM data refer to 0310.AR-DevPack-EVM-012.xml(, then the FTDI_Prog can't recoginize FTDI.

What'e the proper data to write on eeprom?

  • This forum is for Clocking and Timing devices, but your question appears to be about programming the FT4232H device, not LMK04828. I have moved your post to a more appropriate forum.

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  • Thanks for referring TIDA-010122 reference design for your project. 

    Could you please help me to understand you project more in details like end applications and you mentioned that DAC used instead of ADC.

    which DAC are you using now? 

    Please find the answer to your query.

    1. TIDA-010122 reference design used HSDC TID GUI to program LMK04828 which can be downloaded from link

    2. There is an EEPROM device connected to the FTDI USB chip.  The proper ID information must be programmed into this chip to using FTDI programming tool allow the board to be recognized. Update manufacture and product description as below under USB String tab then do a power cycle.

    3. Then open HSD TID GUI, the board will detect as shown below.


    4. Then go to "low-level tab" to program LMK04828 device with the loaded configuration file.

    5. Note : You can't program TICS pro generated file directly in the HSDC-TID GUI before programming the address in file format must be changed. as shown below. this is applicable for both LMK04828 and LMX2594

    TICS Pro Generated file for LMK04828   LMK04828 file converted for TIDA GUI TICS Pro Generated file for LMX2594   LMX2594 file converted for TIDA GUI
    R0 (INIT) 0x000090   0x000 0x90 R112 0x700000   0x70 0x0000
    R0 0x000000   0x000 0x00 R111 0x6F0000   0x6F 0x0000
    R2 0x000200   0x002 0x00 R110 0x6E0000   0x6E 0x0000
    R3 0x000306   0x003 0x06 R109 0x6D0000   0x6D 0x0000
    R4 0x0004D0   0x004 0xD0 R108 0x6C0000   0x6C 0x0000
    R5 0x00055B   0x005 0x5B R107 0x6B0000   0x6B 0x0000
    R6 0x000600   0x006 0x00 R106 0x6A0000   0x6A 0x0000
    R12 0x000C51   0x00C 0x51 R105 0x690001   0x69 0x0001
    R13 0x000D04   0x00D 0x04 R104 0x680600   0x68 0x0600
    R256 0x01000C   0x100 0x0C R103 0x672639   0x67 0x2639
    R257 0x010155   0x101 0x55 R102 0x663FF5   0x66 0x3FF5
    R258 0x010255   0x102 0x55 R101 0x650011   0x65 0x0011
    R259 0x010301   0x103 0x01 R100 0x640600   0x64 0x0600
    R260 0x010422   0x104 0x22 R99 0x63C2AB   0x63 0xC2AB
    R261 0x010500   0x105 0x00 R98 0x620088   0x62 0x0088
    R262 0x0106F0   0x106 0xF0 R97 0x610888   0x61 0x0888
    R263 0x010711   0x107 0x11 R96 0x600000   0x60 0x0000
    R264 0x010868   0x108 0x68 R95 0x5F0000   0x5F 0x0000
    R265 0x010955   0x109 0x55 R94 0x5E0000   0x5E 0x0000
    R266 0x010A55   0x10A 0x55 R93 0x5D0000   0x5D 0x0000
    R267 0x010B01   0x10B 0x01 R92 0x5C0000   0x5C 0x0000
    R268 0x010C22   0x10C 0x22 R91 0x5B0000   0x5B 0x0000
    R269 0x010D00   0x10D 0x00 R90 0x5A0000   0x5A 0x0000
    R270 0x010EF0   0x10E 0xF0 R89 0x590000   0x59 0x0000
    R271 0x010F70   0x10F 0x70 R88 0x580000   0x58 0x0000
    R272 0x01100C   0x110 0x0C R87 0x570000   0x57 0x0000
    R273 0x011155   0x111 0x55 R86 0x565326   0x56 0x5326
    R274 0x011255   0x112 0x55 R85 0x558585   0x55 0x8585
    R275 0x011301   0x113 0x01 R84 0x540000   0x54 0x0000
    R276 0x011422   0x114 0x22 R83 0x53FFFF   0x53 0xFFFF
    R277 0x011501   0x115 0x01 R82 0x52FFFF   0x52 0xFFFF
    R278 0x0116F0   0x116 0xF0 R81 0x510000   0x51 0x0000
    R279 0x011710   0x117 0x10 R80 0x500000   0x50 0x0000
    R280 0x01180B   0x118 0x0B R79 0x4F01F4   0x4F 0x01F4
    R281 0x011955   0x119 0x55 R78 0x4E0064   0x4E 0x0064
    R282 0x011A55   0x11A 0x55 R77 0x4D0000   0x4D 0x0000
    R283 0x011B00   0x11B 0x00 R76 0x4C000C   0x4C 0x000C
    R284 0x011C22   0x11C 0x22 R75 0x4B0800   0x4B 0x0800
    R285 0x011D00   0x11D 0x00 R74 0x4A0000   0x4A 0x0000
    R286 0x011EF8   0x11E 0xF8 R73 0x490CCC   0x49 0x0CCC
    R287 0x011F11   0x11F 0x11 R72 0x48003E   0x48 0x003E
    R288 0x01200B   0x120 0x0B R71 0x470048   0x47 0x0048
    R289 0x012155   0x121 0x55 R70 0x46C350   0x46 0xC350
    R290 0x012255   0x122 0x55 R69 0x450000   0x45 0x0000
    R291 0x012300   0x123 0x00 R68 0x4403E8   0x44 0x03E8
    R292 0x012422   0x124 0x22 R67 0x430000   0x43 0x0000
    R293 0x012500   0x125 0x00 R66 0x4201F4   0x42 0x01F4
    R294 0x0126F8   0x126 0xF8 R65 0x410000   0x41 0x0000
    R295 0x012711   0x127 0x11 R64 0x401388   0x40 0x1388
    R296 0x01280B   0x128 0x0B R63 0x3F0000   0x3F 0x0000
    R297 0x012955   0x129 0x55 R62 0x3E0322   0x3E 0x0322
    R298 0x012A55   0x12A 0x55 R61 0x3D00A8   0x3D 0x00A8
    R299 0x012B00   0x12B 0x00 R60 0x3C03E8   0x3C 0x03E8
    R300 0x012C22   0x12C 0x22 R59 0x3B0001   0x3B 0x0001
    R301 0x012D00   0x12D 0x00 R58 0x3A2201   0x3A 0x2201
    R302 0x012EF8   0x12E 0xF8 R57 0x390020   0x39 0x0020
    R303 0x012F11   0x12F 0x11 R56 0x380000   0x38 0x0000
    R304 0x013002   0x130 0x02 R55 0x370000   0x37 0x0000
    R305 0x013155   0x131 0x55 R54 0x360000   0x36 0x0000
    R306 0x013255   0x132 0x55 R53 0x350000   0x35 0x0000
    R307 0x013302   0x133 0x02 R52 0x340820   0x34 0x0820
    R308 0x013422   0x134 0x22 R51 0x330080   0x33 0x0080
    R309 0x013500   0x135 0x00 R50 0x320000   0x32 0x0000
    R310 0x013678   0x136 0x78 R49 0x314180   0x31 0x4180
    R311 0x013714   0x137 0x14 R48 0x300300   0x30 0x0300
    R312 0x013820   0x138 0x20 R47 0x2F0300   0x2F 0x0300
    R313 0x013903   0x139 0x03 R46 0x2E07FE   0x2E 0x07FE
    R314 0x013A00   0x13A 0x00 R45 0x2DC0DF   0x2D 0xC0DF
    R315 0x013BC0   0x13B 0xC0 R44 0x2C1F23   0x2C 0x1F23
    R316 0x013C00   0x13C 0x00 R43 0x2B0000   0x2B 0x0000
    R317 0x013D08   0x13D 0x08 R42 0x2A0000   0x2A 0x0000
    R318 0x013E03   0x13E 0x03 R41 0x290000   0x29 0x0000
    R319 0x013F15   0x13F 0x15 R40 0x280000   0x28 0x0000
    R320 0x014088   0x140 0x88 R39 0x2703E8   0x27 0x03E8
    R321 0x014100   0x141 0x00 R38 0x260000   0x26 0x0000
    R322 0x014208   0x142 0x08 R37 0x258404   0x25 0x8404
    R323 0x014313   0x143 0x13 R36 0x2400C0   0x24 0x00C0
    R324 0x0144FF   0x144 0xFF R35 0x230004   0x23 0x0004
    R325 0x014500   0x145 0x00 R34 0x220000   0x22 0x0000
    R326 0x014600   0x146 0x00 R33 0x211E21   0x21 0x1E21
    R327 0x014708   0x147 0x08 R32 0x200393   0x20 0x0393
    R328 0x014802   0x148 0x02 R31 0x1F43EC   0x1F 0x43EC
    R329 0x014902   0x149 0x02 R30 0x1E318C   0x1E 0x318C
    R330 0x014A06   0x14A 0x06 R29 0x1D318C   0x1D 0x318C
    R331 0x014B02   0x14B 0x02 R28 0x1C0488   0x1C 0x0488
    R332 0x014C00   0x14C 0x00 R27 0x1B0002   0x1B 0x0002
    R333 0x014D00   0x14D 0x00 R26 0x1A0DB0   0x1A 0x0DB0
    R334 0x014E00   0x14E 0x00 R25 0x190624   0x19 0x0624
    R335 0x014F7F   0x14F 0x7F R24 0x18071A   0x18 0x071A
    R336 0x015001   0x150 0x01 R23 0x17007C   0x17 0x007C
    R337 0x015102   0x151 0x02 R22 0x160001   0x16 0x0001
    R338 0x015200   0x152 0x00 R21 0x150401   0x15 0x0401
    R339 0x015300   0x153 0x00 R20 0x14F848   0x14 0xF848
    R340 0x015478   0x154 0x78 R19 0x1327B7   0x13 0x27B7
    R341 0x015500   0x155 0x00 R18 0x120064   0x12 0x0064
    R342 0x015678   0x156 0x78 R17 0x1100FA   0x11 0x00FA
    R343 0x015700   0x157 0x00 R16 0x100080   0x10 0x0080
    R344 0x015878   0x158 0x78 R15 0x0F064F   0x0F 0x064F
    R345 0x015900   0x159 0x00 R14 0x0E1E70   0x0E 0x1E70
    R346 0x015A78   0x15A 0x78 R13 0x0D4000   0x0D 0x4000
    R347 0x015BF4   0x15B 0xF4 R12 0x0C5001   0x0C 0x5001
    R348 0x015C20   0x15C 0x20 R11 0x0B0018   0x0B 0x0018
    R349 0x015D00   0x15D 0x00 R10 0x0A10D8   0x0A 0x10D8
    R350 0x015E00   0x15E 0x00 R9 0x090604   0x09 0x0604
    R351 0x015F0B   0x15F 0x0B R8 0x082000   0x08 0x2000
    R352 0x016000   0x160 0x00 R7 0x0740B2   0x07 0x40B2
    R353 0x016101   0x161 0x01 R6 0x06C802   0x06 0xC802
    R354 0x016244   0x162 0x44 R5 0x0500C8   0x05 0x00C8
    R355 0x016300   0x163 0x00 R4 0x040A43   0x04 0x0A43
    R356 0x016400   0x164 0x00 R3 0x030642   0x03 0x0642
    R357 0x016560   0x165 0x60 R2 0x020500   0x02 0x0500
    R369 0x0171AA   0x171 0xAA R1 0x010808   0x01 0x0808
    R370 0x017202   0x172 0x02 R0 0x006018   0x00 0x6018
    R380 0x017C15   0x17C 0x15
    R381 0x017D33   0x17D 0x33
    R358 0x016600   0x166 0x00
    R359 0x016700   0x167 0x00
    R360 0x016801   0x168 0x01
    R361 0x016958   0x169 0x58
    R362 0x016A20   0x16A 0x20
    R363 0x016B00   0x16B 0x00
    R364 0x016C00   0x16C 0x00
    R365 0x016D00   0x16D 0x00
    R366 0x016E13   0x16E 0x13
    R371 0x017300   0x173 0x00

    Hope it will help to solve your programming issue. Let me know if you need any further help. 



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  • hi  ,

    Could you able to see the image? if not please share your email I will send detail via email.

    Anbu Mani

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for your reply! I can't see the image, but your reply is very good. My Email is 

    I use one LMK04828 to generator ref and sysrefreq for two LMX2594. Then the two LMX2594 generator synchronized  device clk and sysref clk for two AD9162.

    After you send me images, I will try as you described.

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