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Alternative device for AN6780

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Hello experts,

My customer is looking for alternative device for AN6780 (panasonic)
If TI have, could you tell me alternative device?

Thanks and best regards,
Ryo Akashi
  • Hello Akashi-san,

    To my knowledge, TI does not have a single-circuit drop-in replacement that can duplicate the exact performance and range of the AN6780. But we do have products which could produce a similar circuit. 

    Our closest functional match is likely the NE555 or NE556 + flip flops (e.g. CD4013B) for duty cycle correction (a D-flip-flop with Qbar output to D input, and clock pin driven by 555 output). I see that the AN6780 suggests intervals of up to a week on their performance charts, so they may need to cascade the output of the timer + flip-flop circuit into the R-C circuit of the second timer, with a diode or PMOS transistor to maintain the R-C state while the first timer is off.

    It might also be easier to use a single 555 circuit with something like a CD4024B binary ripple counter. This closely replicates the functionality of the original device in two low-cost components, for slightly higher cost than the circuit above.