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CDCE913: M value calculation from ClockPro

Part Number: CDCE913
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Would you please let me know about M value in ClockPro?


If I set fin = 24MHz , and if I choose fout= 24* 1000/1001 =23.97602397MHz,

I can calculate from ClockPro as  fout = 24 * 3000 /3003 = 24* 3000/( 7* 429 ) ;  Pdiv=7, N=3000, M=429.

Therefore, fout should be 23.97602397MHz ( 0ppm) but Clock Pro putput is 23.976023976024 ( 0.000166ppm error).

Why does it occur ?

I guess M value using in ClockPro is something wrong..


How does Clock Pro calculate M value from N,P,Q,R?

We see N,P,Q,R value ( 18~1Bh, 1C~1Fh), but M value is not defined in the register setting.

How does Clock Pro get M value?

I worried about even I set N,P,Q,R correctly , I might have some error% in fout value.

Thank you for your support

Best Regards

  • Hello Shibatani,


    Your set frequency is 23.97602398MHz = 23,987,023.98Hz

    ClockPro calculation frequency is 23.976023976024 MHz = 23,976,023.97024Hz

    The idea is that the set frequency you had set is a repeating number and you rounded off the number at  nearest hundreth of Hz, calculate again and you will receive the same frequency as ClockPro but there is a slight error in ppm due to your rounding and ClockPro's exact calculated number. 

    The ppm error is 0.0000166ppm = 0.0166ppb = 16.6ppt. At this inaccuracy this could be part to part variation of crystals and this setting works fine for your application.


    Here are the calculation as well as bit definitions of:

    N = PLL1_xN[11:0] 12 bit register 0<N<4096

    P = 4 – int(log2N / M)  = PLL1_0P[2:0] 3 bit register 0<=P<=7

    Q = int(N' / M) = PLL1_xQ[5:0] 6 bit register 16<= Q<=63

    R = N′ – M × Q = PLL1_xR[8:0] 9 bit register 0<=R<=511

    These registers define values for P, Q, and R which have parameters that must be met, therefore determining if there is a good sequence for N/M ratio. This is why when trying to change M or N values you might cause unintentional F_vco ranges outside of parameters. Please use ClockPro Wizard for Setup generation if you are trying to calculate for a frequency combination.

  • Dear Sirs,

    In regard to this post. please forget.

    I had mistake that the value was rounded.

     24* 1000/1001 = 23.976023976024 should be  correct.

    I 'm sorry.

    But would you please advise my question in another post about changing fout on the fly?

    Best Regards

  • Dear Aaron-san

    Thank you for your answer!