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RE: DAC80508: Evaluation Module Software Instructions + Writing to Registers ?

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Hello!I am a beginner

Could you tell me how do you make the software interface of dac80508evm display "hardware connection"? How is the hardware connected? I'm using the same device dac80508evm and usb2any as you, but the software interface always shows demo mode.

Looking forward to receiving your reply!Thanks!

  • Hi Yue,

    I've split your reply into a different thread so each question can get individual attention. After following the EVM setup instructions as given in the user's guide and summarized in the reply given by Akhilesh in the previous thread:

    "You need to connect external VDD at TP6 (2.7 to 5.5V)

    Also make sure that VIO is supplied through USB2ANY by installing the jumper JP1. Alternatively you can connect external VIO at TP8 ( 1.7V to 5.5V).

    After making this change, please follow the EVM user's guide procedure.

    In this GUI version , you cannot control SCLK and CS. You can do register read/writes in Low level configuration page and quick set up using the DAC80508 page.



    Try un-selecting the demo mode checkbox in the top right of the GUI:

    If that does not work, please send us a more detailed description of how you you have the EVM connected, and send a screenshot of your GUI window similar to the above.


    Katlynne Jones

  • Hello! This is the second time I have bought dac80508evm. But I still can't see the sign of successful hardware connection on GUI, which makes me very distressed.

    The specific steps are as follows:

    1. Connect external VDD (5V DC signal) at tp6 (2.7 to 5.5V)

    2. The computer is connected with USB 2Any and connected with DAC board to provide the required 3.3V signal.

    3. For software, turn on USB 2Any 3.3V and 5V, select SPI for interface, and configure it (I don't know if it is needed or not). If you have any questions, please point out)

    4. Open the dac80508evm GUI to cancel the demonstration mode in the upper right corner, and an error appears.

    5. Disconnect the hardware, turn off the two software, try again, still can't. I can't see any waveform through tp1-sclk interface.

    What's my problem? I'm confused. Why can't I connect? Asking for help

    The figures are as follows:

    Looking forward to receiving your reply!


  • Hello,

    There should not be a need to use the USB2ANY Explorer tool. Can you close the explorer and EVM GUI, and then disconnect the USB2ANY. Reconnect the USB2ANY, connect your external VDD to the DAC80508EVM and open only the DAC80508EVM GUI. 

    Please let me know your results after these steps and we can continue debugging your issue if necessary. If the above steps do not work, you can try uninstalling the DAC80508EVM GUI and reinstall. Make sure the USB2ANY is disconnected when you install. 


    Katlynne Jones

  • Great! Follow your steps to try, and finally show that the hardware is successfully connected, and the output voltage I want. Thank you.

    But there are still some puzzles:

    1. When VDD = 5V, vio = 3.3V, using internal reference, VREF = 2.5V, setting div = 1, gain = 2, code = 40, I can output the desired voltage value of 3.5mv. But when VDD is below 3.3V, the output changes. Is it related to the battery margin? If VDD = vio = 3.3V, how to set div and gain?

    2. In GUI software, I know that I can't control SCLK and CS, so I can't see the corresponding waveform at TP1 and TP2 test points, right? I didn't see it on the oscilloscope.

    3. This GUI software does not need usb2any explorer and related configuration, only the hardware is connected together, which means that it can provide vio voltage and complete the SPI related configuration? Can I read device ID through usb2any software?

    I look forward to receiving your reply

    Sincerely wish you!

  • Hello,

    1. Can you try writing a DAC code of 0x8000 (mid code) with a 5V VDD and 3.3V VDD and let me know both outputs. Setting REFDIV-EN = 1 and BUFFX-GAIN = 1 (gain of 2) should work for a VDD of 5 and VDD of 3.3V. Do you have jumper JP3 connected on the EVM?
    2. Correct, the GUI controls the SPI commands. You should be able to capture the SPI frames on TP1 and TP2 using the oscilloscope when a write or read is initiated using the GUI. You should set the scope to trigger on the falling edge of CS and then write or read using the write and read register buttons at the top left of the register map page. 
    3. The GUI detects the USB2ANY and makes the necessary configurations for SPI, VIO and GPIO. Using the DAC80508EVM GUI, read the device ID from the register map on the low level configuration tab.  The device ID is in the DEVICE_ID register at register address 0x01. The SDO needs to be enabled first, write 0x0000 to the CONFIG register at register address 0x3. If this does not work, try writing 0x0400 to enable the FSDO bit. 


    Katlynne Jones