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ADS1262: ADS1262 use external XTAL, the output have error.

Part Number: ADS1262


    I use external XTAL for ADS1262, the output have error, but use internal XTAL is normal.

    The actual input is 2V, PGA is 1, when use external XTAL, the output skip between 2V and ±2*1/1000. use internal XTAL, output is stable at 2V.

    The sch as the attachment.


  • Hi user,

    It looks like you have a different ground net name for the crystal ground (PGNDAD) as opposed to the rest of the system (PGNDA) - is there any reason for this? I can imagine if these are truly different ground planes, or separated by a ground plane split, then there could be a potential difference between the grounds causing an error in the measurement (the error appears to be very small).

    Also, if the ADC's internal oscillator works correctly, why not just use that? That should save you some components on your board and it does not appear the crystal is being used for any other purpose. Therefore, removing it should be simple.


  • Dear Bryan:

        It is use the same GND, just name is different. ADS1262 have been use others project and no bug for it. We have not changed the component in this project.

  • Hi User,

    When you say:

    ADS1262 have been use others project and no bug for it

    Does this mean on your other boards you are using the ADS1262 + crystal and everything works fine? Or do those boards use the internal oscillator?

    Also, is there any reason why you cannot just use the ADS1262's internal oscillator since it offers the best performance?