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ADS1015: How to use

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Part Number: ADS1015

Hello E2E,

Please let me know the operation method that is efficient in terms of time.
The current ideas are:
① Config register setting (SW switching)
② waite
③ Conversion register read
1) I'm thinking of continuing this repetition, but is there an efficient method?
2) How much waite is needed at this time?

How to use ADS1015 Single-Shot Mode and Continuous-Conversion Mode
1) Is it okay to execute the 2ch signal in Single-Shot Mode to switch the SW and execute the ADC alternately?
2) How should I set the 15bit and 8bit settings of Config register?

Best regards,

  • Hi ACGUY,

    1. In continuous conversion mode, the device will continuously perform conversions and the conversion time( or in your case the wait time) is determined by 1/(Data Rate). Single shot mode requires a bit more time in that the device will need to power up to perform a conversion so an additional ~20us(you can use 30us worst case) of time is needed. 

    However, instead of trying to calculate the timings and time needed to wait to read the conversion register, the device as an ALERT/RDY pin that can be configured as a conversion ready pin. The ADC will provide roughly an 8us pulse when a conversion result is ready.

    2.1 Yes, this is okay and it is actually recommended to use single-shot mode when switching channels. 

    2.2 Bit-15 should be set to 1 if using singe-shot mode and you want to start a conversion. Otherwise, 0 can be written. You can also use this bit as a polling register in single-shot mode. Bit-8 is used to set the device in single-shot mode or continuous conversion mode. 


    Aaron Estrada