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Part Number: ADS1220EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADCPRO, ADS1220


I need help with the ADS1220EVM board

The software that comes with it does not install and Windows flags it as a security risk.

The software requires 2 separate downloads as explained here:

One is ADCPro (the main software) and one is a plugin for the ADCPro specific for the ADS board.

The problem is when I try to install the ADCPro on WIN 10 machine, windows flags as a security risk and does not let me install it. 

ADCPro was designed for WIN7 and has not been updated or does not have the software credentials for installation on Win 10. 

Please help with this. 

Asking Mr. Bob Benjamin here to kindly update the software. 

  • Fardin,

    We are looking into this now.  My understanding is that the software received the windows 10 updates and it was tested.  However, we will confirm this.  You may need to get administrative privileges to install the software.  There will be some delay before we can resolve your issue as many engineers are on Thanksgiving holiday.  Sorry for the delay.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Art, 
    I have admin privileges on my machine. Windows flags the software as a security risk... 

  • Fardin,

    I acquired a local copy of the hardware and installed the software on my windows 10 computer (see my specific version below).  In my case, the software installed smoothly without any warnings or issues (i.e. no messages about security risk).  I first installed ADC Pro, then I installed the ADS1220 plugin.  I used the links from Bob's E2E post (links below).   I suspect that you may have some additional security that is causing issues.  After installing the software I confirmed operation of the EVM.  Note that a reboot was required to make the software function properly.  My apologies for the difficulties you are having.  I will check with the software experts in the team to see if they have any ideas on how to resolve this.  It may take a few days as many people are on vacation next week.  In the mean time do you have another computer you could try this with (one that has different security constraints)?  Also, can you confirm the exact operating by Select Start > Settings > System > About. to display the popup shown below?

    The first software installation is the ADCPro software and can be downloaded from the ADCPro tools page:

    The second piece of software is the ADS1220EVM plugin and can be downloaded from:

    Best reagards,

    Art Kay

  • Hi Art, 

    Please see below for my win spec: 

  • This is my second computer: 

  • Fardin,

    Our software expert is looking at this now.  Thanks for verifying your windows operating system.  Based on your operating system the software should work on your computers.  I assume that you have tried both computers.  Correct?  Did the second computer behave the same as the first computer?  Also, please confirm that you are not using an old download.  I’m fairly sure that is the case but the issue is surprising as multiple people have installed the software on our windows 10 machines without the issues you mention. 

    Again, sorry for your inconvenience.

    Best regards,

    Art Kay

  • Hi Art, 

    I am fairly certain I have downloaded the latest version here:
    The download link on the page says it was released in 2012... so that is pretty old... 
    If there is a newer release, I can't seem to find it... 

    I have tried both computers, and it gives me the same error or security warning... 

    Thanks for the attention you are giving this. 

  • Fardin,

    Our software expert just made an update to ADC pro, and signed the installer so that windows 10 should not have issues with it.  He confirmed that the update is live.  Can you please try it ( ).  If you still have issues, please take screen shots of any problems you have.  Thanks!

  • Hi Art, 

    The software installed and no more error massages... 

    This is job well done... Thanks. 

  • Glad to hear this worked out.  You are welcome.