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ADS7052: The chip damage when doing test

Part Number: ADS7052

Hi Team,

Could you kindly help to check whether the SCH is ok?

If the SCH is ok, I would like to ask further questions.

Customer do the following three lab test, totally test 5 samples .And after the third test, one of the 5 samples failed.

 (1) 5-point functional test: temperature 25 degrees, 85 degrees, -40 degrees, voltage input including 9V, 16V, test duration: 5H.

(2) Three comprehensive tests: high temperature of 85 degrees, -40 degrees, vibration (16750 passenger car standard), test duration: 24H.

(3) Mechanical Shock Test: 50G, 10 times/direction*6 directions.

After completing the test of item (3), it is found that the ADS7053 works abnormally. After doing (1) and (2), the ADS7053 could work normally.

The impedance of Pin4 and pin6 is about 40Ω, and Pin2 has no data output.
The ABA exchange experiment has been done to verify that the bad image follows the device.

Because if doing FA, it could only tell EOS and can' know the reason. Could you kindly give some advice how we could avoid fail by adjusting SCH or PCB? Especially for Mechanical Shock Test

  • Hi Amelie,

    Thank you for your E2E post! 

    Looking at the schematic, I don't see any bypass capacitors on DVDD and AVDD. Is it possible to confirm whether there are bypass capacitors present somewhere else on the schematic? Perhaps on a different page?

    Since the device seems to have failed after the mechanical shock test, I will look into this a bit more on my end. 



  • Hi Amelie,

    Is it possible to share a layout as well? It will be interesting to see where the ADS is on the board and where potential standoffs are. Its possible that there may be more flex of the PCB near the ADS that can cause some damage to the device. If a broken bond wire or crack in the DUT is present, there may not be much that can be done other than repositioning the DUT. 

    If you do not want to publicly share the layout files, you can always send me a friend request and we can share offline.