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ADS1220: all zero conversion result

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Part Number: ADS1220



My customer is facing a problem on ADS1220, sometimes (they found this issue by a long time test) the conversion result is all ZERO.

They use single conversion mode.


They think this problem would be caused by something MCU software problems. For example, data read timing is not good after RDATA command.

Then they want to know if there is any possibility that ADS1220 sends all ZERO conversion result after receiving RDATA command.

Is there any assumed case?




  • Hi Obata-san,

    Is CS held low continuously or is CS being used to frame the communication? 

    The RDATA command will return the most recently completed conversion.  As long as the RDATA command is sent and the conversion data read back before the SPI timeout occurs they should be able to read the conversion data.

    Is the customer monitoring DRDY?  Or are they using a timer method to wait a specific time following the START command?  It might be possible that the START or RDATA command was not decoded properly.  If the ADC does not interpret the command, and the last bit transmitted was a zero, it is possible that continually clocking the ADC SCLK only zeros would appear.

    Best regards,

    Bob B