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Dear TI Support/Expert, 

I am using AFE58JD48 in X80 mode, try to implement 16 JESD lanes to support 4 AFE58JD48 chip.  from TI chip side is straightforward.  LMF = 4X16X8. We use Intel Arria 10 development kit as the receiver. 

the problem is on the Intel JESD204B IP. per data sheet, it claims that each lane has 32 bits internal data path. so I have to set the receiver LMF = 4X16X4( per lane).  the receiver side only support X40 mode. in this case, the only problem is the JESD204B protocol. the transmit side will send out 8 octets/lane per frame.  the receiver side will  break the 8 octets frame into two 4 octets in two clock cycle. in JESD204B domain. how critical the frame package is? will the receiver be able to recover the whole frame?

if Intel IP only correspond 32 bit data width per each Jesd204B lane, Do I have to use 32 JESD204B lanes to implement 64 ADC channels( 4 AFE58JD48)? is there a way to manipulate the LMF perimeters and the lane rate over the link rate  to make 16 Jesd204 lane work? 

Here are the links I posted on the Intel community. I am still waiting for some suggestion. 

Jesd204B IP force F = 2 when use phy only wrapper - Intel Communities

Fundamental question about Jesd204B, Lanes VS ADCs - Intel Communities

hope I can get some suggestion from the JESD204B application expert.

Appreciate your help.


  • Hi David,

    Yes it is something we have also tried. We use receiver IP in 40x deserialization while transmitter IP is in either 80x or 160x. You need to combine two frames coming from receiver IP to form full frame if device is sending data in 80x mode. Just one more thing you have to take care of. JESD receiver IP will ask for global reference clock. If AFE5848 is in 80x mode and JESD receiver is in 40x mode, so you have to send global reference clock to receiver IP which will be 2x of AFE input clock. 

    Let me know if above answers your question and you need any further help.



  • Hi Shabbir, 

    Thank you for your detailed answer, I need few days to understand it. 

    really appreciate your help. 

    David Sun

  • Hi David,

    Glad to know your issue is resolved.

    I am closing this thread. Please feel free to reach out if you have more queries.

    Thanks & regards,