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TSW1400EVM: DDR Module

Part Number: TSW1400EVM

Hi Team,

Can you help troubleshoot the customer EVM issue below?

The customer tried the TSW1400EVM board to evaluate ADC3643EVM and DAC3162EVM boards. they believe that the problem is with the 1GB DDR module on the TSW1400EVM.board, They have followed the user's manual but haven't had success capturing data from the ADC board or outputting data from the DAC board. An error pop-ups when they try to capture ADC data. Please see the link below for a similar error:

In addition, the same issue with USER_LED5 not turning on is also present as in the following post below. It seems that this would indicate an issue with the DDR module.

Below are some notes from the customer:

  1. I'm using the latest versions of the HSDC Pro and ADC35xx GUI software from the TI website.
  2. TSW1400EVM is connected to 5V supply capable of sourcing >5A. I have checked all of the various voltage test points on the TSW1400EVM and all voltages are correct.
  3. The HSDC Pro GUI runs on my Windows 10 laptop and connects to the TSW1400EVM (serial number shows up upon connection) and configures the FPGA as verified by the FPGA_CONF_DONE and most of the USER_LEDx LEDs turning on.
  4. I have connected power to the ADC3643EVM board (USB) and interposer board (3.3V with banana/clip lead) and have configured it with the ADC35xx GUI. The ADC board appears to work as I am getting a good clock signal (10MHz, 25MHz, 65MHz depending on the setup in the GUI) and data is coming from the ADC chip.
  5. The DAC3162EVM board powers up and as far as I can tell it works, however it never receives data from the TSW1400EVM, so I'm not getting an output from it yet.
  6. The LEDs on the TSW1400EVM that indicate PLLs locked to the ADC board (USER_LED3) and DAC board (USER_LED4) turn on when clocks are present.
  7. USER_LED2 is on whenever the FPGA has been configured.
  8. I have removed, cleaning, and re-seated the DDR module multiple times, but this does not change anything. Running the TSW1400EVM with the DDR module not installed makes no difference, the behavior is exactly the same.

Is it possible the DDR module is broken upon purchase?

Please let me know how to proceed further.



  • Marvin,

    You can only test the DAC or ADC EVM one at a time, not both together. Can you try testing the DAC3162EVM and use the attached instructions? Just load the DAC3162.ini file instead of the DAC3152.ini. Let us know if this works.

    There are currently some bugs with the ADC3643 setup. Which mode are you using for the ADC with your setup?



    DAC3152 Quick Start Guide.PPTX