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TSW14J57EVM: HSDC Sysref-based triggering mode for two DACs synchronization

Part Number: TSW14J57EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DAC37J82EVM, DAC37J84EVM

Hi everyone

I have two TSW14J56 rev D. One is connected to DAC37J84EVM and the second one is connected to DAC37J82EVM.
Both LMKs have common external 120M input to OSCin. Each DAC is working at 60M data rate.

In HSDC I'm using DAC3XJ82_LMF_124 mode with 2-channel DAC and DAC3XJ84_LMF_244 mode with 4-channel DAC.
I'm using I/Q Multitone Generator in HSDC to output sine waves from each channel of each DAC.

Everything works, but I want both DACs outputs to be phase-aligned.

In HSDC userguide I found Sysref-based triggering mode and added
"Sysref Based Master Slave Trigger = 1" to "14J56revD Details/DAC files/DAC3XJ82_LMF_124.ini" and "14J56revD Details/DAC files/DAC3XJ84_LMF_244.ini" files
as it's mentioned in the description.

In HSDC I selected "Trigger mode enabled", but I still have "Arm on next capture button press" button inactive. Why?

  • Artem,

    We are looking into this.



  • Hi Artem,

    I should have an answer for you by the end of today. Kindly await a response. 

    Regards, Chase

  • Hi Artem,

    I'm not sure if you've had any conversations with Alex K., but this is something we actually already worked through. The "Sysref Based Master Slave Trigger = 1" is important here as it allows for deterministic start with respect to the TSW14J56 EVMs. See here: TSW14J56_sync_latency.pptx  

    The DACs may need to have the RBD value adjusted independently such that the data on both DAC3XJ8X are synchronized.

    Regarding the "Arm on next capture button press", this is irrelevant for what you are needing to do. The main TSW14J56EVM will need to have both "Trigger mode enable" and "Software Trigger enable" checked. 

    The main TSW14J56EVM will need to have both "Trigger mode enable" and "Software Trigger enable" checked. 

    The secondary TSW14J56EVM only needs to have "Trigger mode enable" checked. "Software trigger enable" should be unchecked.

    Be sure that you are using the exact same data file for both DAC3XJ8X EVMs. If you generate a pattern using HSDC Pro, you'll have to save this data as a CSV and then use the Load External Pattern File button to import that data to the other DAC setup / HSDC Pro instance. Also be sure to send the data to the secondary setup using the "Write DDR Memory" button prior to pressing "Generate Trigger" of the main setup.

    Regards, Chase

  • Hi Chase,

    No, that's the first time I'm asking it. Thanks for the quick and detailed answer, I'll try that

  • Hi Artem,

    Sure, please let me know if that works for you. If not, we can revisit.

    Regards, Chase