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ADS1211: Lifecycle risk

Part Number: ADS1211

We are using the ADS1210, and last spring it was active, but it became obsolete with a relative short last time buy period. The datasheet for ADS1210 also specifying the ADS1211.  It seems like only footprint is necessary to change and the ADS1211 is still active (and not "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS") and that part would be an easy replacement, but in this forum “ADS1210: Possible Subsitute for ADS1210P or ADS1210U“ the problem with the ADS1210 is somewhat similar for the ADS1211 and related to the “wafer fabrication systems” but in the PDN Number: 20220830000.3 for ADS1210  the reason is “Assembly site for these devices is discontinuing 18-pin SOP (DTC) package support.” Also Silicon Expert is not indicating no lifecycle risk with the ADS1211U, and estimated EOL Date is 2033. What is the real life cycle risk of ADS1211?

And is there a difference in lifecycle risk for the ADS1211E and ADS1211U versions?

  • Hi Soren,

    Welcome to the E2E forum!  TI is greatly appreciative of our customers and the history and long time commitment to purchasing our products.  The ADS121x devices have now been produced to well over 25 years.  The ADS1210/ADS1211 devices were originally created under the Burr-Brown banner and both wafer fabrication, assembly and test were contracted outside of Burr-Brown.  TI purchased Burr-Brown in 2000 and later moved wafer fabrication and test within TI, but assembly has still been outsourced.  It is TI policy to never obsolete a device just out of convenience.  See the Obsolescence Policy.

    About 8 years ago the DIP package was no longer available and that package was made obsolete.  If a package is being discontinued and TI is no longer able to produce a device in that package, then some tough decisions are made.  In this case the ADS1210U PCN regarding obsolescence went out August of 2022 with the last time buy ending toward the end of February this year.  This is shorter than the standard policy due to limitations on packaging availability.

    As to the use of the ADS1211 and future package availability for this device it would be difficult to say where to go.  As far as the package goes I would guess that the 'E' package would have greater longevity as it is a smaller package overall.  But that is only a guess and I have nothing to really base that conclusion on except package size.

    If it were totally up to me I would say you should start using a more recent device that uses less power and has better overall performance.  I realize that this is easier said than done, but as these devices are now 25+ years old you may end up changing your board only to yet be forced to a newer device anyway if the ADS1211 is no longer able to be produced.  Although there are no plans at this time for obsolescence, the ADS1211 is an old device and may be harder to produce in the future.

    Best regards,

    Bob B