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ADS112C04: More cost efficent ADS112C04

Part Number: ADS112C04
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADS1110, , ADS1114, ADS1119, PGA112

Dear TI team,

I went through all comments and what I found is that many engineers switch from ADS111x to ADS112C04. I also belong to it. I mainly did this step because the ADS111x series is very old and you never know how long these parts still exists. The main problem is that the ADS112C04 is 1€ @1000pcs more expensive than the ADS111x series. Yes it has much more features than the old one, but many of them aren't used by me. What I use is the PGA (1-64), external reference, digital and analog supply and two single ended/one differential channel. So mainly the features of the ADS1110.  Is there a plan to publish a ADS112C04 version with less features probably with just one differential channel but therefore cheaper (cost approximate 3€ @1000pcs)?

I am looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards

Dominik Herbold

  • Hi Dominik,

    It is difficult to fit the needs of everyone.  First let's clarify exactly what your needs are.    You mention that 'mainly the features' of the ADS1110 are desired which doesn't have separate analog and digital supplies, high gain, or external reference inputs?  So it would appear that what is desired from the ADS1110 is a single differential input channel and an I2C interface.

    ADS1114 - most similar in operation to the ADS1110.

    ADS1119 - analog and digital supplies with external reference input.  Gain is limited to 4 maximum.  This device was designed to be the lower-cost version of the ADS112C04 by removing some of the features of the ADS112C04.

    I hope that gives some additional guidance.  If not, then please send your specific requirements.

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Hi Bob,

    many thanks for you fast reply. Your rigth we should start again and clarify the needs. Your rigth that I need some features that the ADS1110 doesn't have.

    Your recommendation ADS1119 comes closest. I know this part. It comes with functions like analogue and digital supplie pins, external reference inputs and a mux for calibration and switching to single ended input. For my application just the high gain is missing and one differential/ two single ended would be enough. You see ADS112C04 has to much features and ADS1119 has a lack of functions. I understand that it is difficult to fit the needs of everyone but a version with just one differential input from my side in the same package WQFN and TSSOP of the ADS1119/ADS112C04 would be great. It would fit in the otherwise usual gradation 2/4/8 single ended channels.

    Best regards,

    Dominik H

  • Hi Dominik,

    I will pass your thoughts and desires to the definition team.  Part of the equation is how the device will fit into the existing portfolio and the price point to which we can offer the device.  To be honest, I haven't seen that many requests for devices requiring high gain without some of the other features too.  ICs are not much different than other purchases.  I recently bought a vehicle with some features I don't need, but it comes that way and if I wanted the vehicle I had to take it as it comes along with the increased costs.

    You could always put an amplifier in front of the ADS1119, but I realize that this again now begins to approach the cost of the ADS112C04.

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Hi Bob,

    I appreciate that you pass the idea to the definition team. I would be happy if they could see the need too.

    Yes you can combine ADS1119 with PGA112 but this solution is more expansive, you need more space, increase compexity and risk in terms of failure and procurement.

    Many thanks for your time and help!

    Best regards