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[FAQ] ADS131B26-Q1: Device resets when disabling the AVDD or IOVDD overvoltage diagnostic

Part Number: ADS131B26-Q1


I am using the ADS131B26-Q1 in a functionally safe battery management system (BMS). I am leveraging the various integrated device diagnostics to meet my latent fault metric (LFM).
I noticed that the device resets under certain conditions when disabling the AVDD or IOVDD overvoltage diagnostic.

Joachim Wuerker

  • Hello,

    the reset behavior you are experiencing can occur if the AVDD or IOVDD LDOs, respectively, have to provide approximately 5mA or more to the internal and external circuitry.

    The reset, when disabling the overvoltage diagnostic (setting AVDD_OV_DIAG_EN = 1b -> 0b or IOVDD_OV_DIAG_EN = 1b -> 0b), only occurs if the overvoltage monitors are enabled (AVDD_OV_EN = 1b or IOVDD_OV_EN = 1b).

    To prevent the device reset when disabling the overvoltage diagnostic, disable the overvoltage monitor (AVDD_OV_EN = 0b or IOVDD_OV_EN = 0b) BEFORE disabling the overvoltage diagnostic as mentioned in the datasheet (see the “Diagnostics and Diagnostic Procedure” section).

    Joachim Wuerker