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Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with 8051 Microcontroller and Flash Memory MSC1210Y5... I can't not download the .HEX file!

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 I can't not download the .HEX file!

  • I use the "TI Downloader" to download the .HEX file to microcontroller MSC1210Y5 more than 5 years and never had problems before. Now, after pressing the "Program Load" and "Reset" as needed and as I always do, start the "TI Downloader" with the hex file I need to download and the following error appears: "No Response to initial CR". The signal on pin 45 (ALE) and pin 44 (PSEN) as it should. Pin 3 (RxD0) receives the initial <CR> "Ti Downloader." Everything seems right, however the download does not start. I think it's a whole lot of that problem in part because I bought last tested four components of this lot and the problem is the same for everyone. The curious thing is that if I replace the last component of a lot by a lot older the problem does not occur, under the hex file and the card works normally. I tried to enable "Erase Hardware Config" in "TI Downloader" and nothing happens. Actually tried everything and I can not solve this problem. I hope someone can help me and I am available to help those in need since it is within my reach. I thank everyone. Thanks!

  • Julio,

    What version number of the TI-Downloader are you using?  What is your crystal frequency?

    It sounds like a timing issue to me.  Have you tried any of the other downloader programs?  They can be found in this directory:

    You mention problems related to a particular lot.  Can you explain more what you mean, and what lot codes work and which one doesn't?

    Best regards,
    Bob B


    I use the "TI-Donloader Ver: 1.1.12" to five years. The crystal frequency is 11.059200 MHz.I tried now the "TI-Donloader Ver.: 1.3.4" and miss problem. . I'll check the others that you suggested me. I remarked about the lot because it was the only explanation I imagine, although we can not confirm anything for sure. The lot of components that do not work is the 91ZRPYWThanks Bob B.