TX7332: TX7332 T/R Switch Problem

Part Number: TX7332


Now I am using the TX7332 chip to complete the design of ultrasonic driver.

but in the test, I found that under the condition of using the default power mode, TR_BF_SYNC signal of 100Hz, I can only capture echo signals in channels 9-16 and 25-32 of RX, and all OUT channels have driver signals.

I suspect it is the problem of TR_EN1 and TR_EN3 signals, but after consulting the manual, the TR_EN1 and TR_EN3 signals only need to be pulled down in the default power mode, I have tried but there is no effect, how should I solve this problem?

I would appreciate it if anyone would answer this question, which has puzzled me for a long time.

Input voltage: ±75V, 1.8V logic

  • Hi,

    If I understood the problem completely, all the channels of the device are transmitting expected pattern. It is the receive mode echoes that are missing from select channels. Could you please confirm if you are operating the device in 'On Chip' or 'Off Chip' beamforming mode?

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  • I am using on-chip mode, and I read register 0x18 after configuration to confirm that I successfully configured on-chip mode. What else do I need to check for?

  • Hi,

    In On-Chip mode, the TR_EN1 and TR_EN3 control lines are only used in dynamic power mode. This means that the T/R switch state is not determined by these signals, but the programming of TR_SW_DEL_G1/G2/G3/G4, TR_SW_DIS_n etc. Could you please check the values for these parameters for all the channels/groups?

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  • SoftSpi_ReadByte(REGISTER_16H, &reg);

    reg &= 0xF000F000;

    SoftSpi_WriteByte(REGISTER_16H, reg | (cnt << 16) | (cnt));

    Finally I found the problem, register 0x16 11-0,27-16 bit reset value is 100H, according to my above code (no second line), read first and then write this register, register will be 100H | cnt instead of 000H | cnt, I added the second line after the chip finally works, thank you very much!