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Using the ADS6223EVM with the TSW1405EVM

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As the subject suggests, I am attempting to use an ADS6223 ADC (80MSPS, serialized LVDS outputs) with a TSW1405EVM (Lattice ECP3 based).

Some documentation suggests these will work together, other documentation is ambiguous.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer either way? If not, is there a projected date as to when this combination will work?


  • Hi,

    The ADS6223 ADC EVM will (as in futrue tense - will at some future date) work with the TSW1405.

    The TSW1405 was released with a few devices supported in the initial release 1.0 of the GUI, with the plan to add more and more device support over time.  There will be a release 1.1 of the GUI in a matter of days, and this new release of the GUI is really the software that we consider to be the proper GUI for the TSW1405.  The release 1.0 software works with the 1405, but support for channel selection for multichannel devices is limited and version 1.1 supports this.  Also, version 1.1 will have a lot more EVMs supported.

    That said, the ADS6223 is *not* one of the EVMs to be officially supported by version 1.1 of the GUI.  I *did* however just get ADS6223 working with the TSW1405 last Friday.  Each new device type needs two things to be debugged and in place before the TSW1405 can support it: 1) a firmware file for the data format used by the EVM and 2) an ini file that tells the GUI how to use the EVM.  Adding support for new EVMs does not require new GUI installations - but rather simply copying in the new firmware file and new ini file to the proper folders in the existing GUI.  Oh, and editing a spreadsheet file that helps the GUI tie in the new ini file with the new firmware file.  We will also be putting on the web in the future an update batch file that can be used to push new device support automatically and not require re-installation.

    So i can provide the ini file and firmware file for ADS6223 at any time.  But this firmware file won't be the final released version.  I found in testing it that it would only work up to 123MHz capture rate and so further work is needed on the code to support ADS6225 and all slower EVMs of that family.  But i can support ADS6223 now if needed.  Is the hardware already in place with version 1.0 of the GUI?  If so, attached are the necessary files.  In the folders where the GUI is installed, you should see a folder for TSW1405 details.  In there is a folder called firmware which is where the .svf file should be copied, and a folder called ADC Files which is where the .ini file should be copied.  The .csv file should replace the file by that name that you see in TSW1405 details.   i actually named the ini file for ADS6224 since it would not cover a device qutie as fast as ADS6225, and so i set the max sample rate field at 105MHz until i can update the firmware.


    Richard P.
  • Thanks so much for you quick response.  I have downloaded the ini file as well as the firmware and it appears to be working (I don't have a clock signal going into the ADC but it does appear to have communication with the ADC.

    I would love, at some point, the Verilog source code. I realize it is likely not ready for general distribution but if you have a version that does work with the ADS6223 that would help me greatly.

    My email address is: dmcmillan [{at}]