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AMC1204EVM with AM1210MB-EVM

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Dear Support-Team

We have bought the AMC1204EVM with a AMC1210MB-EVM. After installation and configuration with the PC Software I have seen that the clock to the AMC1204 was 32MHz. But AMC1204 allows only 22MHz (absolute max).

Is there any other firmware for the AMC1210MB-EVM board (firmware for LM3S3748) or is the firmware open source?

Thanks for help.


  • Hello Patrick,

    Welcome to the Precision Data Converter's E2E Community!

    Looks like you've bumped into an oversight on my behalf. I'll implement a more complete fix as soon as possible but I have a band-aid for the problem for the interim. First, you'll need to install a new version of the AMC1210MB-EVM software from this location:

    This version of the GUI has a few additional controls unlocked. What you'll do once this is installed is very similar to what you were likely already doing with a few additional steps...

    1. By default the software launches in "Current Shunt EVM" Mode - switch to resolver demo mode by pressing the mode control button.
    2. In this mode you will be brought to the "Resolver Settings" tab, from this tab you can modify the Clock Divider Register. Specifically you'll want to increase the Modulator Clock Divider field. (This section of the GUI is locked in v1.0.1 of the SW)
    3. Switch back to "Current Shunt EVM" mode, configure your filter modules, and continue with your evaluation.

    Since the EVM has a 32MHz clock for the AMC1210 your highest speed available for the AMC1204 will be 16MHz when the Modulator Clock Divider field is set to 2. If you want to achieve the maximum clock frequency for the AMC1204 you will need to exchange the crystal installed at Y2 on the AMC1210MB-EVM.

    Let me know your results, I do not have a production revision board on hand right now - but this has been tested and validated with pre-production hardware.

  • Dear support team.

    Should the link to the open source software at still work?

    Although I can retrieve the directory listing I get the error: nsurlerrordomain -1 when selecting to download the file.

    We have used the AMC1210 on a prototype and would like to get the open source software - can you help?

    Many thanks


  • Trevor,

    The link should still work, but we've been encountering some issues with access to our FTP server lately. The file is quite large, 71MB, so the FTP is about the only realistic method to distribute the software.

    Are you after the source code or the application itself?

  • I am also having trouble downloading the software from the FTP site. Please help!!

  • Until the IT issues are resolved with the FTP, I have posted the installer to a project on sourceforge. You can view that here:

  • Hello Kevin, I am after the source code, software and firmware - the product we are developing uses an ARM M3 cortex so the firmware is especially useful.



  • Trevor,

    It'll take me a bit to get the source to you. Those projects are a little old and I've got them sitting in a somewhat "deprecated" repository that I need to pull down again...

  • Hello Kevin, did you manage to pull down the source?



  • Does anyone have (or can they provide) the open source firmware for the AMC1210MB-EVM?  Our hardware uses an  AMC1210 coupled with an AMC1203.  We would like to get a head start with developing a driver for it on an STM32 MCU. 



  • Trevor,

    I have the firmware readily available for you. It's the LabVIEW software that takes pulling down a whole bunch of material from the repo.

    See attached.

    The dependencies are from "StellarisWare". For initialization the top-level functions from StellarisWare were used. For speed, every read/write action on the parallel bus uses macros instead of the GPIO port controls from StellarisWare.

    Also for speed, the GPIO peripheral is controlled on the AHB rather than APB.

    Everything you want for a FW driver is in AMC1210IO.c and AMC1210IO.h

  • Hello Kevin!

    Is it wise to start a Project on AMC1204EVM and AMC1202EVM or are there any incompatibilities i should know?

    The AMC1202EVM is already in my hands and i am starting delta-sigma from scratch.

  • Philipp,

    I don't know of any AMC1202. Did you mean you plan to interface the AMC1204 to the AMC1210? The AMC1204 interfaces the AMC1210 with no problem.

  • Hi Philipp,

    Did you mean the ADS1202?  If so, the major difference between the ADS1202 and AMC1204 is that the ADS1202 does not offer any galvanic isolation.  Fundamentally though, they are both delta-sigma modulators that provide a bit-stream of data to the digital filter.

  • Sorry, i meant AMC1210MB-EVM of course. So there should be no problems in communications between AMC1204-EVM and AMC1210MB-EVM, if i understand you correctly. No issues with the clock? (Like in the 1st post on top?) Otherwise any recommended, easy to implement, external Clock-Source (like LTC6900 series?)

    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi Philipp,

    You still have the 32MHz clock on the AMC1210MV-EVM as noted above.  To start with, you might consider using a bench-top signal generator to provide an external clock.  That would be the easiest way to get you up and running while you settle on a final clock speed for your application.