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TSW1400 and ADS41B29 EVM

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Hi !

Can anybody tell me how I can control the ADS41B29 EVM connected to my TSW1400EVM through the 'High Speed Data Converter' GUI?

Is there anywhere I can find a schematic ot TSW1400 EVM?

It looks like the ADC can be controlled via TSW1200 EVM and related software but I can't figure out how to do it with TSW1400 and it's GUI.

Many thanks for any hints!

  • Hi Stefko,

    There is a separate GUI to control the ADS41B29. It is on the product page (link below) under the "Software" header.

    Matt Guibord

  • Hi Matt !

    Thank you for your reply !

    I'm already using the ADS41B29 EVM GUI. It's just that when the two boards are stacked together the USB plug of the ADS41B29EVM comes in the way of the spacer and the USB plug of the TSW1400. It would be much more convenient if I didn't need to use the USB connector on the ADC board but inctead to control it through the TSW1400 and it's GUI. I believe the hardware allows that (since it's done with TSW1200), only the software/firmware needs to be adapted, I guess.

    What about the TSW1400 schematic, where can I find it ?

  • Hi Stefko,

    We are working on allowing programming through the TSW1400, but that functionality is a ways off. Although the USB port is in a poor location for use with the TSW1400, I haven't had any problems with it. Just plug in the USB cable first before connecting the two EVMs. You could also remove the metal leg from that side of the board, if that helps.

    I'll send you the TSW1400 schematic through e-mail, for the sake of versioning control. It should eventually be on the product page. I'll friend you on here so you can private message your e-mail address to me.

    Matt Guibord

  • Hi Matt !

    Thank you very much for your reply !

    Can you please suggest a method for external capture trigger, like some pulse event by a sigla supplied to the TSW1400.

    As I imagine it, ideally, I should click on Capture button in the GUI to initiate the capture process. However, the actual capture wouldn't start until a signal supplied to the TSW1400 (some GPIO pin, perhaps) reached certain level, rising or falling, these are details. This logic should be backed up by some sort of timeout, i.e. if no signal event occured in e.g. 5 seconds then the capture process fails and a message is diplayed in this sense.

    Any idea is much apreciated.

    Kind regards !

  • Stefko,

    The TSW1400 will have triggering options in the next release (the current release is 1.2).  This triggering function will allow a trigger to be generated by the TSW1400 to drive an external need, or receive an input trigger from an external source.

    The triggering function is verified and will be in the next release of the TSW1400 High Speed Data Converter Pro software.  This next release of the TSW1400 should be going out in a couple of weeks.


  • Thank you, Ken !  Great news !

    Any idea about when the next release will be available for download !


  • Hopefully in a couple of weeks - we are going through some final regression testing to make sure we didn't break anything when adding the new features.


  • Hi Ken !

    I was wondering if you might have any news on the comming new version of the TSW1400 software with the external triggerring option...

  • Thanks for following up.  We have been busy making minor tweaks/fixes in the last few weeks - sorry for the delay we want to release as solid a GUI as possible.  We are waiting for final verification - and should be able to release as soon as that is done.

    Please check the TSW1400 product folder again next week - worse case if issues have not been resolved we can support you with a Beta version of the new GUI.  Again sorry for the delay.