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when I turn on the digital gain , the waveform disorders.

when i turn off the digital gain , it works perfectly.

what can i do to solve this problem?

  • Hi,

    you haven't posted any waveform plots that i can look at so i can't really say, but when you turned on digital gain did you also reduce your signal amplitude by the same anount so as to not exceed the full scale range?


    Richard P,

  • Hello ,

    My normal waveform is like this:(decimation filter is bypassed , digital gain disabled, wave amplitude is out of range.)

    my register value is :

    reg=0x0, value=0x2
    reg=0x4, value=0x80
    reg=0x4, value=0x0
    reg=0xf3, value=0x8
    reg=0xea, value=0x80
    reg=0x44, value=0x7
    reg=0xfe, value=0x5
    reg=0x2c, value=0x17
    reg=0x32, value=0x2f
    reg=0x2d, value=0x3b
    reg=0x33, value=0x3b
    reg=0x42, value=0x0
    reg=0x3d, value=0x20
    reg=0x25, value=0x0
    reg=0x2b, value=0x0
    reg=0x31, value=0x0
    reg=0x37, value=0x0
    reg=0x45, value=0x1
    reg=0xf1, value=0x3
    reg=0xfa, value=0x2
    reg=0xba, value=0x8
    reg=0xe0, value=0x60
    reg=0xee, value=0x80
    reg=0xf7, value=0x81

    When i enable the digital gain 0x42, set bit3 . My disordered waveform is like this: (decimation filter is bypassed , digital gain enabled, wave amplitude is out of range.)

    And when i enable the decimation filter (set 0x44=5), the waveform came like this:

    the wave offset seems to abnormal.