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ADCPro sometimes hangs when retrieving data, requires reboot

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Having an intermittent issue with ADCPro. Using the ADS1015EVM-PDK (with the MMB3 board). I want to use it to collect data over a longer period, 15-30 minutes. I have it set to 920 SPS, and I'm using the data recorder to pull 55200 samples (so each file contains 1 minute of data.) The problem I am having is that sometimes it will get to 100%, and then fail to transfer the file. The EVM and Test panels will not respond at all. If I click "Continuous" to stop collection, it will give me a small popup saying that it is trying to stop the communication (I will post the exact error message next time I see it, I just rebooted)

The biggest problem is that once this happens, the program is completely unresponsive - I can't even kill it via Task Manager. If I start another copy of the process, it will not find the eval board. It seems to be holding the COM port open - if I disconnect the board while the program is in this state, the COM Port entry remains in Device Manager (instead of going away like it normally does.) The only way I can fix it is with a full reboot of the PC which is a huge hassle.

Also interesting is that this problem seems more or less random, and the Data recorder size does not matter - i.e. it's happened with small ~1024 sample chunks, as well as large ones; sometimes it happens after 3 minutes, sometimes 10, sometimes it runs for 2 hours without problems. And it's not unique to Data Recorder, once I was just clicking "Acquire" manually a few times and it hung there as well.

System information:
Win7 x64 SP1
ADCPro, .ini file says 2.0.1, file properties says
ADS1015 plugin 2.0.1 

Any suggestions? Thought it might be a problem with the TUSB3410 driver but windows couldn't find any updates, not sure what else to check.


  • Hi Phil,

    Welcome to the forum!  Sorry to hear that you are having communication issues.  I just ran the same test myself using the same settings you are using and I didn't see a problem.  Once the port is open it will stay open until there is a software command to close it.  If LabVIEW (or any other communications program) opens the port, and the program locks up and fails to close, then the only recourse you have is to reboot.

    If there is an issue with the USB connection (cable, power, etc.) then it is possible the communication is disrupted and the port will try to re-enumerate.  If this happens, then the software my lock up and not recover.  Another possibility (and most likely) is an ESD or spurious event getting into the ADS1015/MMB3 causing it to reboot or lock up.  Pay attention to the LCD of the MMB3.  If it is streaming data it will say STREAM.  If it reboots, you will see data displayed instead.

    When trying to record large blocks of data there is another option.  As communication is basically a COM device (though it is virtual) you can communicate to the ADS1015 through a terminal program (like Hyperterminal - unfortunately no longer provided with Win7- but there are other free ones as well) and you can capture the data by opening a log file.  You can set up your device(s) using ADCPro, then unload the plugin.  Open the terminal program (230400 baud, N, 8, 1) and if you press enter you should see a command prompt 'ADS1015EVM>'. Open a log file and press 's' then 'enter' and the data should start streaming. You will see two groups of data represented by ASCII characters of the two devices on the EVM. The characters displayed represent the code output of the ADS1015.  Any key press will stop the streaming of data.

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Hi Bob,

    The problem is very sporadic - I've had it running for 90 minutes now and it hasn't crashed, but who knows - I left it running on my desk yesterday afternoon and it crashed after 25 minutes, so we'll see. When it happens ADCPro refuses to close; the board still says STREAM. Will post the actual error next time it happens... I suspect it's something with the labview runtime getting into a bad state and refusing to close.

    Very happy to hear about the serial interface - I'm very familiar with serial datalogging, I have a whole toolbox of software for serial->file etc. Is that command set documented anywhere? I still need to set the data rate and PGA settings (maybe I can do that with the LCD/button interface?) Too bad it's not a physical serial port or I'd just use breakout software to sniff the commands :)



  • Hi Phil,

    The commands are the same for both the ADS1015 and ADS1115.

    I hope you can make sense of it.  All that LabVIEW does is poke the commands given.

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Excellent, that is very helpful, thanks for the doc!

    I just had the error happen again... the VI locked up. The "Data Recorder" controls would respond, but I couldn't get the Acquire/Continuous controls working. I tried to unload the EVM, and I got the error below in a pop-up:

    Resetting VI:
    ads1015evm.lvclass: 1

    and now the program is just frozen, what really gets me is that I can't even kill it from Task Manager (thus the reboot). I can't even shift focus to the main window, it's completely blocked by the modal popup:


    I had it running all afternoon, then I started doing some repetitive manual sampling, and it went out. The LCD on the MMB3 still says "Stream". The program still has the port open (I get "permission denied" if I try it in Putty).

    I'll run the stream overnight and see what that gets me... Thanks!