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ADS831 >80MHz clock frequency

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i am using an ads831 at various frequencies between 20 to 80MHz. Now as it happens, my clock generator is also capable of frequencies up to 96 MHz. It would improve my device if i could run the ADC at this speed. As the Ads831 is only rated up to 80MHz, i am a bit concerned about trying 96 MHz. Has anyone experiences with "overclocking" this ADC? Is it safe to just give it a try, or might the ADC get damaged?



  • Hi,

    In general you would not do damage to a device by over clocking it.  But the device would not be guaranteed to function properly or to meet performance specs.   Devices are specified to operate and meet performance specifications over the data sheet listed range of voltage and temperature.  In addition, silicon that leaves the factory varies from lot to lot in just how fast the silicon is, and our min to max operating range includes the variance of the silicon also.   If you happen to get a unit of 'fast' silicon and operate it at the coldest temp and highest voltage - then we guarantee that it will still run at the slowest data sheet speed of 20MHz.  Or if you happen to get a unit of 'slow' silicon but run it at low voltage and high temperature then we guarantee it will still run at least as fast as the max data sheet limit of 80MHz.  (CMOS get faster with hi voltage and low temp, bipolar process might be a bit more complicated than that but still, this illustrates the point.) 

    That means that the unit you have in hand might run well at a higher sample rate than the data sheet limits, or slower than the data sheet limits.  But it is not guaranteed  The next part you buy might operate over a different range of sample rates.  But always over the range the datasheet guarantees.    And the production test we do before we sell the devices tests at min and max rates, but is not tested for faster than that.  You would be on your own past 80Msps.


    Richard P.