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Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADC12D1800, ADC12J4000, TSW30SH84EVM, TSW1265EVM


What’s the cheapest solution for a Ready board (without the need to edit any PCB) which includes ADC-FPGA-DAC for having an FFT of at least 500MHz IBW? (i.e. sampling rate >= 1GHz)

Such a trivial basic board should cost under $1K, and the FPGA can be protected.

I may accept without the DAC, especially if there’s extension connector.


  • Hi,

    We don't have any combine boards that would meet these requirements as we do not make any system eval platforms.  However you could look at a combined ADC+TSW1400 (Stratix IV)+DAC project that shows how to interface these types of converters.  The DAC may suit your needs, the ADC will not meet your 16b 1Gsps requirement - there are other devices in the 12b family that can meet your sampling rate needs - ADC12J4000, ADC12D1800 families.

    The FPGA project is here:

    For a more complete solution I would recommend possibly looking at some 3rd party FPGA vendors.  If you would like some recommendations we can take that off line.


  • Hello,

    I'd like to have the recommendations off line.


  • Hi

    I have sent you some recommendations.  In general please use the TI design network to look for our signal chain partners.  We have worked with some of them on TI specific signal chain and FPGA solutions.


  • Hi

    I was hopping that we could discuss openly in private by email but in what you sent it's not possible to reply.

    Anyhow the problem is that such companies exploit the fact that the leading companies like yours haven't yet produced a most basic and cheap board of ADC-FPGA-DAC > 1Gsps << $1K and quote far larger amounts.

    Such components today cost in total $ hundreds so $1K includes a good profit but they skyrocket the prices.

    Do you know of any such solution, and if a leading company like yours or other is going to release such?


  • Hi

    Unfortunately it is very difficult for us to develop solutions that target a specific application as there are literally hundreds to thousands of customers with different applications.  What we have done is generated some TX and RX evaluation systems which try to highlight the DAC and ADCs.

    If it helps you can look at some analog solutions that we currently have which may meet your needs.  However these are treated as evaluations of the analog path and do not really include any digital IP - this is where are partners could help or you could make your own IP using the example code in the previous link.

    For TX examples I could suggest looking at any of our DAC EVMs, or the solutions such as TSW30SH84.  For the RX path I would suggest any of our ADCs or the RX solution TSW1265 and TSW1266.

    For these solutions you could look at using our TSW1400 as the hardware base and implement a TX+RX solution using the FPGA example that we provide in the link above - you would have to modify the project for your needs TX/RX.


  • Msf,

    Please accept my invitation - then we can have a private discussion on your needs.