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FPGA Digitizer

Hello.  I am designing a nuclear physics experiment for which I would like to perform pulse shape analysis of detector signals in real time in order to determine whether or not to trigger my computer to write the information to disk.  The idea is to use a fast sampling ADC (between 500 MS/s and 1 GS/s) to sample the pulse shape in real time and use FPGA logic to look for some characteristic pulse shapes:  dual peaking, pulse length, peak height, deviation from a characteristic shape, etc.  If the conditions are met I would then write the pulse shape to disk.

I have found digitizer units from other companies which have the capacity to do what I want, but combinations of price, poor application support and non-programmable FPGAs have been deal breakers.  I found an article (( from a while back that shows an integrated development board that TI used to sell that appears to be perfect for my application - reasonable price, fast sampling, free FPGA resources for firmware development.  Is something like this still available from TI? 

  • Andrew

    I apologize for the delay.  Unfortunately that EVM is more or less obsolete.  We would recommend moving to the ADC10D1500RB or similar EVM which has a V4.  I'm not certain if there are free ISE or Vivado tools to work with this V4.  You will need to check with the Xilinx folks.


  • Ken,

    Thanks for the response.  I figured that EVM would be discontinued.  My hope was that you might be able to point me to a contemporary model and the link you sent me looks like it will work.  I'll get in touch with Xilinx for more information about the programming of the FPGA.  Thank you for your help.