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AMC1210 further Evaluation with NI DIAdem / LabVIEW?

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i use an AMC1210MB-EVM, an AMC1204EVM and a third-party delta-sigma modulator. For further Evaluation I am searching now for a Software that replaces the original TI Desktop Software. Is it possible to use NI DIAdem / LabView? NI seems to be the right way, because of the NI-VISA installation during the installing of TI Desktop Software. For the moment I don't want to develop an own USB-Driver or another Hardwarelayout to connect the Delta-Sigma Filter AMC1210 on another way. But I need to read more Data from the AMC1210MB-EVM evaluation board as it is possible with the original Desktop Software. Windows 7 would be fine but XP is available too.

  • Hi Philipp,

    I'm not aware of any software that is readily available to replace the AMC1210 code.  You may be able to use a device like the NI USB-8452 to communicate with the AMC1210 and AMC1204, but you would need to provide your own VI.  I'm not sure if that instrument could take the bit-stream directly from the AMC1204 modulator or not.

  • Hello Tom,

    thanks for the answer. But therefore i have to develop my own board, am i right? I want to use the AMC1210 or any other delta-sigma filter to get the data. Is it possible to get the source of the TI windows software?

    Can you help me to find informations on how to use the api of the USB bulk device driver and can i use it under windows 7?

    Thanks, Philipp :)

  • Hi Philipp,

    You would not necessarily have to develop your own board.  If you have an FPGA development board, you can construct a filter there.  If you want to run the AMC1210 on Win 7, take the .inf file from the attached archive and put it in your c:\windows\inf directory.  The source for the AMC1210 uses CCS for the processor and LabVIEW for the GUI, so it would not be that easy to re-work on your own.

  • Hello Tom,

    i've got an fpga, but i think it would be easier to write  a plugin on c++ to use the AMC1210-EVM. I think it should be possible to access to the ARM Cortex M3 of the AMC1210-EVM with C++ on Visual Studio Premium, or am i wrong?

    I never used fpga before and i would have to create a plugin on c++ nevertheless.

    regards, philipp

  • Hi Philipp,

    In "another life" I wrote the firmware for the Stellaris controller on the AMC1210MB-EVM and I thought I would offer some insight in this thread.

    It is possible for you to program the controller via the JTAG connector on the top right of the board. There is no on-board emulator though so you'll need to acquire a solution to interface the controller if you want to step-through code.

    The limitation on acquisition size with the EVM is caused by a few things:

    • The AMC1210 interface is not the most friendly interface to a typical MCU. The timing / structure of the parallel bus just doesn't pair up very well with the peripherals commonly included on the MCU. The Stellaris controller is no exception and subsequently the interface is "bit-banged" through GPIO. While I did use a few tricks to accelerate actuating the bus - it's still not pushing the timing limitations of the AMC1210 interface and most importantly it's using core clock cycles to get it done so this action uses a lot of bandwidth from the controller making tasks like shipping the data out via USB or storing it to a EEPROM challenging to implement depending on your sampling rate goals.
    • There is no on-board memory included on the board so your best solution is to acquire data and then attempt to send it back to the PC via USB. Again, depending on your sampling rate goals this may be plausible for you to realize but it's going to be a challenge for most data-rates.

    There are alternatives - a few other MCUs include the AMC1210 IP as an integrated peripheral set. You could use one of these device's peripherals with DMA and on-board memory or USB connection to realize this transaction with less pain, in my opinion.

    As Tom mentioned the secondary alternative would be to use an FPGA to communicate with the AMC1210 - at least this way you do not also have the stresses of implementing the digital filter yourself in the FPGA.

    The tertiary option would be to directly interface an FPGA to the bit-stream from the delta-sigma modulator itself.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hello Kevin,

    thank you for your help!
    what means the "IP"?
    I found the TMS320F2837xD Dual-Core Delfino, do you mean such kind of controller?
    I would be very happy to find a controller on a board (like an evaluation board).
    i have no cheap possibility and no time to layout/create a pcb. is there anything you could advise?


  • Philipp,

    IP means intellectual property. The implementation isn't exactly the same as the AMC1210 but the core concept of the device was replicated on some micro-controllers as peripherals.

    The TMS320F28377D is one of such devices. There is an "experimenter kit" available for that part that you could use. MSP430F67791 is the MSP430 version but there is no EVM that I'm aware of available. There may be another MSP430 that is pin-to-pin compatible with this one though that does have an evaluation platform that you could leverage. I would suggest you post on the MSP430 forum to look into that path though as I'm not as familiar with their offerings.

  • Hi Kevin,

    the MSB430... seems not to have a sdfm. But i could use the TMS320xx. Because i have to create my own AMC1210 Board and a TMS320xx Board now, where can i order samples? The online order option of the AMC says "contact ti".

    As far, thank you very much :)

  • Philipp,

    TMS320F28377D replaces the AMC1210, you wouldn't need to create a board for the AMC1210 in addition to the board for the MCU. There's also an Experimenter Kit for the TMS320F28377D that you could use instead of making your own board.

    Nonetheless, if you want samples of the AMC1210 I can procure that for you. We will need to take this discussion offline so you can share an address to ship them to.