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I'm using ads1298 for my master degree project, and i have strange problems. If you help me to find what is the mistake or what is wrong  i'll appreciate for that. 

Firstly  i want to tell i read all stuff in the forums which is about 1298 users problems. I have very near one of the problem but i couldn't solve. MSP430FG439 connected to the ADS1298's all controllable pins. In the beginning i get wrong id and i don't care, i tried to access gpio and i did. I can control gpio. After that i write all config registers (01h to 19h), read them back, still wrong id and last 4 channels configs are zero(00h). All the others exactly same what i configured. I read the channels conversations results 20 times, last 4 channels adc results also zero(00h) and first 4 channels seems extremely parasitic even connect vvc or gnd or ref or int.temp.sens or test signal. I add the debug results about this. I also followed the instructions about communication; stop conversation before send any command, wait until device power on after reset(i reset the device beginning of the program and wait seconds), etc..   By the way the ADS1298 ordered in 2011, so i don't know is there any upgrade in the chip core until now (if there was a bug or something).  

So this is what try and what is happened, if my describing is not good enough to understand please tell me to try to make it clear. I hope you can find the problem easily. (Also sorry about my bad grammar of English )

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  • I have same problem, when I want to read ID, ADS1294 send 0x0C instead of 0x90. when I repeat this communication with ADS1294 for reading ID register, but sometimes it send correct ID register. my SCLK is 1MHz.

  • Hello Yusuf,

    Thank you for your questions and welcome to our E2E forum!

    Many times, the incorrect ID register is indicative of improper power-up of the device. It sounds like you have read the Power-on Reset procedure. Do you also have the CLKSEL pin pulled high? This is needed to start the internal oscillator before the tPOR timing begins.

    After power-up, do you see /DRDY pulsing?

    Please re-check your analog and digital power supplies to make sure you did not miss anything.

    Best Regards,