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ADS1298 External PACE Detection

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Hi Team,

Would you please help with question about ADS1298 external PACE Detection reference design TIPD111 from my customer Times? thanks.

1. Is there any any modification needed on the circuit if customer want to change to 3.3V supply? or is there anything need to pay attention to?

2. what is the function of PACE_RESET button? if customer don't want use a button, can they use a I/O to control it or just tie to GND or VCC?

3. ADS1298 have two PACE_OUTPUT for EVEN and ODD channels, customer should just tie these two pins together and connect to PACE detection ckt input?

Kevin Wen

  • Hello Kevin,

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  • Hi Kevin, I will do my best to answer your questions one by one below:
    1. I do not believe that there is. The thing to look at for is to make sure that the voltage from the pace out amplifier is within range of what the first stage of the circuit.
    2. When a PACE signal is present and the window comparator is triggered, there is a latch that will hold the state indicating the event. Once latched, it can be read back by a GPIO that a pace signal is present. The PACE_RESET button is used to reset that latch.
    3. No, they should not. This TI design was done to show how to configure to a single pace signal (just one of the PACE out amps). If they want to monitor both the odd and even channels, they would need to use separate circuits.
    As I mention in the app note, HW pace detection is just one method to detect for a pacemaker. A lot of recent designs are moving to using 12-bit SAR converters as a way to digitize the signals coming out form the PACE out signals.