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ADS8332 Digital analog conversion problem

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Hallo erverybody,

I am currently working in an analog-to-digital converter ADS8332 and have problems with the use of this IC. This IC communicates with the microcontroller over the SPI. I'm a novice in this area and I hope the community can help me.

First, once the configuration of my ADS8332 over the SPI:

I am send for the configuration this hex-stream:

SPI_I2S_SendData16(SPI1, 0xE6FD); /* See Datasheet ADS8332: Give ADS8332 command write into command- and cofiguration register */

  /* Write full 16 Bit to adc:
    4 Bit CMR (Command register)
    0000b: Select analog input channel 0
    0001b: Select analog input channel 1
    0010b: Select analog input channel 2
    0011b: Select analog input channel 3
    0100b: Select analog input channel 4
    0101b: Select analog input channel 5
    0110b: Select analog input channel 6
    0111b: Select analog input channel 7
    1000b: Reserved 
    1001b: Reserved 
    1010b: Reserved  
    1011b: Wake up
    1100b: Read CFR
    1101b: Read data
    1110b: Write CFR
    1111b: Default mode (load CFR with default value)
    12 Bit CFR (Configuration register)
    Bit 0: Software reset
        Bit=0: System reset, returns to "1" automatically
        Bit=1: Normal operation
    Bit 1: TAG bit output enable
        Bit=0: TAG bit output disabled
        Bit=1: TAG bit output enable. TAG bits appear after conversion data
    Bit 2: Deep Power-Down. This bit set to 1 automatically by wake-up command.
        Bit=0: Deep Power-Down enabled
        Bit=1: Deep Power-Down diabled (returne normale operation)
    Bit 3: Nap Power-Down. This bit set to 1 automatically by wake-up command.
        Bit=0: Nap Power-Down enabled
        Bit=1: Nap Power-Down diabled (returne normale operation)
    Bit 4: Auto-Nap Power-Down enable/disable.
        Bit=0: Auto-Nap Power-Down mode enabled (not activated)
        Bit=1: Nap Power-Down mode diabled
    Bit 5: Pin 10 I/O select for daisy-chain mode operation
        Bit=0: Pin 10 is used as CDI input (daisy-chain mode enabled)
        Bit=1: Pin 10 is used as EOC/nINT output
    Bit 6: Pin 10 I/O function selected when used as an output (EOC/nINT)
        Bit=0: Pin used as nINT
        Bit=1: Pin used as EOC
    Bit 7: Pin 10 polarity select when used as an output (EOC/nINT)
        Bit=0: EOC/nINT active high
        Bit=1: EOC/nINT active low
    Bit 8: Sample rate for Auto-Trigger mode
        Bit=0: 500kSPS (21 CCLKs)
        Bit=1: 250kSPS (42 CCLKs)
    Bit 9: Trigger (conversion start) select: start conversion at the end of sampling
        Bit=0: Auto-Trigger: Conversion automatically start three conversion clocks
        Bit=1: Manual-Trigger: Conversion manually start on falling edge of nCONVST
    Bit 10: Conversion clock (CCLK) source select
        Bit=0: Conversion clock (CCLK) = SCLK/2
        Bit=1: Conversion clock (CCLK) = internal OSC
    Bit 11: Channel select mode
        Bit=0: Manual channel select enabled.
        Bit=1: Auto channel select enabled.


Then I send to the selection of channel 0 this hex stream:

SPI_I2S_SendData16(SPI1, 0x0000); /* See Datasheet ADS8332: Give ADS8332 command write into command Register "Select analog channel 0" */

Finally, I give the cyclic instructions to send the converted value from channel 0 (See Figure 1):

SPI_I2S_SendData16(SPI1, 0xD000); /* See Datasheet ADS8332: Give ADS8332 command write into command register "Read Data"*/


Figure 1: Give ADS8332 command write into command register "Read Data"

My problem is that the MISO signal is always changing, although I always channel 0 query and the channel 0 is connected to a defined voltage potential. The MISO signal is constantly changing and is no proper digital values. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me...

  • Oleg,

    Looking through the code, you seem to have configured the part correctly for Ch0 and the EOC signal in your scope capture seems to be working as expected.

    How are you generating the CONVST signal?

    Could you please share the relevant portions of you schematics to help narrow down on the issue?




  • Hello Sandeep,

    I have solved the problem. I had an error in my initialization of the ADS8332.
    In my ADS8332-Initialisierung I forgot to wait to the BUSY-Flag (until it goes low).

    My proper initialization is:

    void init_ADS8332(uint16_t ads8332_configuration_setting)
    /* initialize ADS8332 */
    GPIO_WriteBit(GPIOB, GPIO_Pin_6, Bit_RESET); /* nCS set low */
    SPI_I2S_SendData16(SPI1, ads8332_configuration_setting); /* See Datasheet ADS8332:
    Give ADS8332 command write into cofiguration register */
    while((SPI1->SR & 0x80)!=0); /* Wait when the Busy Flag (BSY) in SPI status register (SPIx_SR) set */
    GPIO_WriteBit(GPIOB, GPIO_Pin_6, Bit_SET); /* nCS set high */


    Best Regards