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waveview5 adc10080 fpga image does not exist error

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win7, wavevision5 latest version, adc10080eval board, 3.00vdc, 4.99vdc, hardware access panel select hardware WV5: ADC10080EVAL, power up procedure followed, "Searching for Hardware, Hardware Error: FPGA image does not exist", power down, power up, connect change.

  • Hi Wally

    The expert on this board is out of the office.

    I'll do some research and respond as soon as I can.


    Jim B

  • Wally,
    Hi, I am pulling a board from stock to test the problem. I'll get back to you as soon as I receive the board and test.
    Regards, Josh
  • Josh, it looks like Ti is not supporting these National devices.  if this is the case, just tell me.   i have about $1400 invested in these two boards and can't do any thing with them.

    Thanks for you help,


  • Wally,

    I apologize, but it looks like there was a problem with my procurement of a board from stock to debug. I have re-submitted the order and should have it by the end of the week. Upon looking at the wavevision software, it does appear that the error you are experiencing is the expected response for using the ADC10080 with the Wavevision 5 capture board, though I'm fairly certain that I have personally used these boards together - and that will require a small modification to the software that I can determine once I have the board in-house. Thank you for your patience. If this has stretched beyond your time window, TI should be able to refund your unused board purchases.

    Regards, Josh

  • Wally,
    I received the HW and found that the board is not 100% compatible with the WaveVision 5 capture card. I am able to pull data off of the card, but the data word is mirror flipped (MSB is mapped to LSB, etc.) and I am unable to devise a workaround in the WaveVision 5 software to correct it. I can provide you with a Matlab script that will correct the flipped word and another script that performs FFT analysis exactly like the WaveVision 5 software (in addition to the Wavevision 5 patch files required to pull data from this board). Please let me know if this is a solution you would like to pursue.

    I apologize for originally assuming full compatibility. As I have previously mentioned, your should be able to return the EVMs if this solution does not work for you.

    Regards, Josh
  • Josh, i need some help returning my Wavevision 5 and adc10080evm.  if i could trade them for TSW1400evm and ADS62P23 i can get my project off high center.  can you arrange a trade and/or provide an RMA number?  it is almost two months.


  • i have received the TSW1400  and ADS62P23.  it appears that the TSW1400 does not support the ADS62P23.  is there an other number (maybe ADS6223) that will substitute or a work around?

  • Wally,

    Are you experiencing an incompatibility other than the name 'ADS62P23' is not available in HSDC Pro?

    Will you please try selecting 'ADS62P43' in HSDC Pro and try to capture data? The scale should be off because the software expects a 14-bit part, but please at least verify that data gets captured.

    You can also try adding the following file to the installation directory at the following location. I just slightly modified the 'ADS62P43' configuration to change to 12-bits. You should then be able to select a 'ADS62P23' device. Please try and let me know if it works.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\High Speed Data Converter Pro\1400 Details\ADC files\

    Thanks, Josh