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LM15851EVM and TSW14J10EVM issue decimation factor lower than 10

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Hi team,

we’re working with a ctm testing LM15851 to develop an high speed data converting system.

They’re evaluating it through TSW14J10EVM and LM15851EVM.

We know there are a few version of firmware for TSW14J10EVM, which are running LM15581 in different modes.

The issue is : the customer is not able to run the boards with decimation factor below 10, this even if the minimum one (supported by LM15851), is 4.

What is missed in the configuration here? Is this firmware related, or something else?

Thanks in advance for kind help and BR


  • Sergio,

    What FPGA platform are they using the TSW14J10 and LM15851 with? Mode modes are they trying to run? If they are using a KC705 they will only be able to run modes that use 4 lanes or less since that is all that is routed on this platform. 



  • Jim,

    the 5AGZME1E3H29C4N from Altera is installed on the board.



  • Dear TI,

    Can anybody give an answer for the question above?


  • Hi Vladimir

    Is the Altera FPGA on a standard development board available from Altera? Can you provide a link to the documentation for that board?

    Or is this a custom board that the customer or some other vendor has designed? In any case, please provide the schematics showing all connections in between the FPGA and the FMC connector.

    Best regards,

    Jim B

  • Vladimir,

    The TSW14J10 adapter board does not support the Arria V GZ FPGA platform at this time.  The TSW14J10 allows the user to connect TI ADC and DAC EVMs to KC705, VC707, and ZC706 and use HSDC Pro to do the evaluation.  The HSDC Pro software has firmware for the KC7, VC& and ZC7 platforms.  We currently do not support any of the Arria V platforms with the TSW14J10 adapter.

    Our default eval platform, TSW14J56, has an Arria V GZ on it and can be used to do the initial evaluation.  This platform along with HSDC Pro supports Decimate by 4 and 8 modes of the LM15851 (same as ADC12J4000 in decimate modes).

    Are you trying to use the TSW14J10 adapter board to plug the LM15851 EVM into an Arria V GZ FPGA platform (not the TSW14J56)?  If so this will not be supported by HSDC Pro.  If you just want to plug in the ADC EVM into the Arria V GZ platform, you can do so without the TSW14J10 and you will need to write your own firmware.