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Are there any other pin-compatible options for the ADS62P48 ?  I am interested in an alternate ADC that will have lower low-frequency noise, ideally a chopper capable version.  I would like to replace the AD62P48 by inserting a different pin-compatible IC with lower low-frequency noise.  I expect ADS62P49, ADS62P29, ADS62P28 are pin compatible, but any besides those?

I read the series is dual-channel ADS6000 series compatible.  However, when I pulled up a datasheet of ADS6424 and looked at the pin diagram they didn't appear to match.  Am I missing something?


  • Hi,

    Check out the ADS4249.  The ADS4xxx family is a newer lower power version of the ADS6xxx family.   The datasheet for the ADS4249 has a table listing the differences between the ADS62P4x and the ADS4249.  The biggest difference is that the 3.3V power supply for the ADS62P48 has become 1.8V for the ADS4249, which is one source of the power savings.  If the board the ADS62P48 is on has an adjustable power regulator or the regulator can be swapped out then this might work.

    By the way, at the time the ADS6xxx family came out, the digits in the part number was such that the 2nd digit was number of channels and 3rd digit was bits of resolution (4 for 14bit and 2 for 12 bit), and the last digit a speed grade.   But there were those devices like the ADS6424 that you mentioned that had a serialized output format on one or two LVDS lines. That meant that a device like the ADS62P24 had to have the 'P' in the part number to for 'Parallel' interface differentiate it from the serialized devices.    So yes, the ADS6424 device was part of a different family.


    Richard P.