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ADS8332 Power Supply and Programming

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I have a question about the ADS8332 Evaluation Board's power supply.

On the User Guide, it says that there's a +/-10V supply that's needed to power the OPA211, REF5040, and TL750L05 +5V regulator.

I'm wondering if this is actually needed for basic prototyping, and getting started. Can I get by at the moment by bypassing the op-amp, and using an external voltage reference? If I do need a power supply, what model would you recommend, and what current setting should I set?


Here's a link to the User Guide. The section that talks about the power supply is Page 5.

  • Hello Mitchell,

    Yes the external power supply for +/-10V is required in order to supply power to the opamps, reference, and TL750L05 (which will provide power to the ADS8332).

    The power supply I use in our lab is the Keysight E3631A (Triple Output DC Power Supply). Using this supply you can set a +10V and a -10V rail. Also, setting the current limit to 100mA for each rail should be sufficient.  

    These power supply requirements could be met by a variety of different models.

    A new version of the ADS8332 evaluation board has been released. This new version runs completely off of USB power and incorporates a GUI for easy data acquisition and evaluation.

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

    Thank you,

    Reed Kaczmarek

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I have one follow-up question.

    Unfortunately I won't have access to a +/-10V power supply for about a week.
    If I use an external reference voltage of 5V and bypass OP211 and OP350, can I avoid using a +/-10V supply?

  • Hi Mitchell,

    If you are unable to supply the +/- 10V then you will need to be able to provide 5V for the ADS8332 VA, 5V for the ADS8332 VBD, and 4.096V (max) for REF+.

    Bypassing the OPA211 will make it so that there is no longer a buffer between the MUXOUT and ADCIN of the ADS8332. This will cause you to see a degradation in perfromance. For more information on driving a SAR, we have released a new video series linked here.

    Bypassing the OPA350 will make it so that there is no longer a buffered reference. This will lead in inaccruacies in your reference voltage level when the ADC pulls current from the reference capacitor.

    In conclusion, yes it is possible to run this EVM without the +/-10V supplies but you will not be able to see full performance since it will require you to bypass critical components.

    If the power supply is holding you up, the new version of the ADS8332 evalutation board will run entirely from USB.

    Thank you,

    Reed Kaczmarek

  • Thank you for the great answer.