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AMC1304M25-Q1: AMC1304M25 HV Voltage Range & SPI I/F

Part Number: AMC1304M25-Q1
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Dear Precision Data Converters

1. Can we use HV range 100V to 700V within 1.5% accuracy?

    What is it max HV range?

2. We want to use SPI I/F. Do you recommend has SPI I/F other High-precision isolated delta-sigma item?


Best Regards


  • Hi Gerald,

    Can you perhaps explain what you are trying to do here?  If you are trying to do a current or voltage measurement, the MAX input range to the AMC1304M25 is +/-250mV.  The output from the AMC1304M25 is a serial bit-stream which cannot be used with a standard SPI port.  You can use it with an FPGA or one of our micro-controllers which has a Sigma Delta Filter Module.

  • Hi Tom

    Thank you for your reply

    We are using ADC on BMS system for EV Automotive. We checked max input range +/-250mA on datasheet.

    Then, My question is HV+ range as a blow.

    We want measurment EV Battery has 100V~700V voltage. Can we use it and What is max voltage on HV+ line?


  • Hi Gerald,

    Take a look at Figure 54 in the AMC1304M25-Q1 datasheet.  On the left hand side of that figure there is a resistive divider circuit which is essentially the circuit you would need to implement here.  There would not be any issues with HV being in the 700V range, you would simply need to pick resistor values that scaled the 700V down to the maximum input range of 250mV.  You can also look at the AMC1311 device, this part have a larger input voltage range (up to 2V) and is meant specifically for  voltage measuring applications (the AMC1304 is designed for current shunts, but can be used for voltage monitoring as well).   The AMC1311 has an analog voltage output which you can feed into the ADC on a micro or a stand alone ADC with an SPI interface.  We plan to have a -Q1 version of the part available by the end of Q218.