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Linux/ADS8881: ADS8881 SPI sample code? Register table?

Part Number: ADS8881

Tool/software: Linux

Hi all:

We are implementing the Linux driver for using this part: ADS8881

However, there is no any SPI command table / Reg command table for letting us to know how to implement the SW driver to access this part: ADS8881.

So, any one knows the sample code of this part.

BR Rio

  • Hello Rio,

    The ADS8881SAR ADC does not incorporate registers, therefore, there is no register table or command table required.  The device supports a SPI compatible interface.  Unfortunately, there is no code example available for the device.

    The conversions are triggered by the rising edge of CONVST.  For example, in the 4-Wire operation, DIN works as Chip Select as shown in the plot below.  DIN is brought low after the conversion time (710ns max), and the frame requires 18 SCLKs, where the device provides the 18-B conversion results on DOUT.

    The device supports 4 modes of interface operation: 4-Wire Mode with/without Busy indicator and 3-Wire with/without Busy indicator.  Please refer to section 10.4 (p.24) of the datasheet for a detailed explanation of the interface; and section 8.6 & 8.7 (p.10-11)  for timing requirements.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,