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ADS8695: ADS8695

Part Number: ADS8695

I am using ADS8695 in my project.

2. The IC is functioning properly at room temperature. But when i am soaking it at 71 degC, the outputs are getting stuck to their higher values (approx. double of the input). In this case inputs are not deviating from their values.

3. The IC has been configured in the range of 0-5V and the inputs are being given in the same 5V range. The IC is interfaced with ST Microprocessor on SPI interface.

4. Is any pull-up/pull-down is required for SPI clock that is coming from ST Microprocessor?

5. I am utilizing only 12 bits of this ADC, is this creating the issue?

  • Hello,

    The device should be able to properly function at 71 C; this is strange. Are you able to measure the voltage at the ADC input pins when this error occurs? This is to eliminate that the input is infact not drifting under temperture.  Another aspect is the digital communications, can the ST Microprocessor withstand such environment.  

    Would you further explain what you are seeing? The ADC is outputting double of what the input value actually is, for example if VIN=2V, then ADCout=4V, at the tempterature of 70C and higher?

    Would you please provide a scope shot of the digital communicatins of the ADC, including CONVST/CS, SDI, SDO, and SCLK? This will help to see what the device is doing/behaving.

    There is no need for a pull up/down on the clock. And the resolution of the device should not matter in this situation, thus that is not the source of this issue.

    Regards, Cynthia